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Its the year 2015, witchcraft is against the law in the United States, and Witches, both male and female are an oppressed minority struggling for equality.

Unwanted and handicapped by effects of their own power, the magical community struggles to gain the rights and respect due them as human beings, and slowly by law.

Magical Americans (Witches) are oppressed, repressed and have tradition of joblessness, crime, usually against each other, alcohol and drug issues, sexual promiscuity, and any other bad habits that come with living under oppression and believing for centuries that basically you deserve to be treated badly.

The Salem school is a boarding school that cloisters children in order to protect them from absorbing the negative attitudes as they grow into magical adults. The kids learn the proper use of magic in a non-magical society and more importantly the proper way to live in a non-magical society as a magical being without feeling as if being a witch is something to be ashamed of.

Magicals must wear a wristband at all times. The bracelet was created by nons and high powered magicals who sold out their race

This novel is not just about being magical, but about being a magical being who is forced to repress the most important part of themselves and the anger, frustration and humiliation of it.

Storyline Updates

Salem School Staff

NPC List

Salem School Floor Plans

Required reading: Witch Culture 101

Salem is a closed novel. You will need to apply to join in. Since this is not a JKR based novel, please read the above required reading then copy/paste the application template found in the Novel Guidelines into your novel application to apply.

Salem, Massachusetts Info.
Menu at the left of the page.


In America, witches are oppressed and magic is restricted by law............................ Young witches would rather use a cellphone and computer than be highly functioning witches......................................... High technology levels=low magical ability....................................If you are not writing with other writers where a time reference is needed, feel free to keep your time and date ambiguous............................ We're having fun here.......................... Just don't break my witchcraft rules or you'll be hanged, dunked or burned at the stake........................ seriously we'll take you out in the novel and torture you!


Ghosts & Supernatural: Pastor Carlos Torres

Medical: Dr. Darius Sparrow

Students & Teachers: Dean Thomas Keene

Law Enforcement: Special Agent Jonathan May

Novel and Character Honors

March 2014 Panhistoria Featured Character: Jon May
May 2014 Fantasy Featured Character: Jon May

Check out our pan-wide friends at:

PLEASE at least SCAN the novel guidelines before applying to the novel

This is a work of original fiction. The MOB's of this novel highly disapprove of using actual living persons in this novel and therefore all characters participating and/or NPC'ing are to be approved fan fic or original to the writer. The intellectual property within this novel are copy written to the writer that created them.

Salem's date today is:Feb 27th 0AD

Further Information:

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