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Jan 2011
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

Jun 2011
Publisher's Choice Award


In the Classical period, Greece is at the peak of its cultural, military, and economic power. Great philosophers, such as Socrates and his disciple Plato abound. Innovations in sculpture and architecture are taking the arts to new heights. Plays are performed
in acoustically superior amphitheatres. Beautiful
temples have been erected to honor the gods and
goddesses. The Persians have been defeated.
Politicians and orators give long passionate
speeches, and political views are dissected on
stage as well as in the assembly. Democracy is
well in place, and political intrigue is rife.

my mark

But the true cornerstone of Ancient Greece
is its people and their everyday lives. Here, in the
city-state of Athens, you can make your mark
and relive a glorious past. Discuss philosophy with
Socrates or Plato, sail on a merchant fleet that
scours the known world to bring back luxurious silk,
spices, and treasures, or become a hero at the
Olympic Games. Create your own life in these
ancient times, as a shopkeeper, a warrior, a
courtesan, the owner of the local taverna, or
whatever your imagination finds. Live the life of
the Ancient Greeks... in


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Athens's date today is:Dec 11th Circa 397BCE

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