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Prophets, both Achaean and Anatolian alike, had predicted a destructive war for years. Priam ignored the prophecy until Hecuba gave birth to Alexandros. Recovering from birth, Hecuba dreamt of a horrible fire consuming Troy. Warned by his favored prophet that the boy would lead to the obliteration of Troy, Priam disposed of him atop Mt. Ida. Unfortunately Alexandros, who had been discovered and raised by a shepherd, returned to Troy and claimed his heritage many years later. Ignoring Kassandra�s desperate pleas, Priam and Hecuba foolishly welcomed their long lost son, now known as Paris, with open arms, unknowingly starting a devastating chain of events.

The foretold war originated from a dispute between Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera. Zeus, unable to choose the fairest, gave the task to Paris. Judging Aphrodite the fairest, Paris was awarded the love of Elene of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world. Claiming his prize, he abducted the Spartan king�s wife. Fleeing to Troy, the wrath of the Achaean fleet was brought to his homeland. Bewitched by the renowned beauty, Troy refused to return Elene despite the numerous warnings. With the war instigated, the Achaeans and the Anatolians proudly raised arms for the right of Elene. Amongst the bloodshed of the past five years, everyone tries to survive the game set and played by the gods.

Arinna: Storyline and Casting Coordinator, Promotion and Writing Mentor
Adeia Eurydike: Storyline Coordinator, Novel Graphics, Promotion and Advertising

New members may supply a writing sample or have the endorsement of a MoB to apply for a place at TLT. Please leave sample or have a MoB leave a message with Arinna. A list of available roles can be found here.

We are currently writing in the sixth year of the Trojan War, 1268BC. Please see the novel time-line for more details.

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�Good evening,� he said as they turned to regard him. The man he supposed was the leader was a thick set man with an unkempt beard, blonde hair with Thracian style looks. Waved a hand dismissively, sign for the other two to attack. While he turned back and watched for the procession from the end of the alley. Notching an arrow into the bow, with a slimy substance that oozed off the tip which Polydorus guessed was poison.

Read the rest of A reckless action.

The Last Trojan - Out of Print's date today is:Mar 28th 1268BC

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