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Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

Jerry Cornelius
Elric of Melnibone

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July 2006
Best Dressed Reference Award
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"Science-fiction is the law-abiding citizen of imaginative literature, obeying the rules, be they physical, social, or psychological, keeping regular hours, eating punctual meals; predictable, certain, sure.

Fantasy, on the other hand, is criminal. Each fantasy assaults and breaks a particular law; the crime being hidden by the author's felicitous thought and style which cover the body before blood is seen.

Science-fiction works hand-in-glove with the universe.

Fantasy cracks it down the middle, turns it wrong-side-out, dissolves it to invisibility, walks men through its walls, and fetches incredible circuses to town with sea-serpent, medusa, and chimera displacing zebra, ape, and armadillo.

Science-fiction balances you on the cliff.

Fantasy shoves you off. "

Quotations by Ray Bradbury - from the Introduction to The Circus of Dr. Lao

There is more to Sci-Fi and Fantasy than Star Trek and Tolkien! This Reference Book welcomes all those who would like to share lively discussion and informational resources about everything science fiction and fantasy.

Please note: In the interests of keeping the threads tidy, members are requested not to start their own threads. If you think a new thread is needed, please post your suggestion on the Letters to the Editor thread for the MoBs to mull over.

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