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Wild West

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Molly Tarr
Wyatt Earp

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Howdy and Welcome!

There was great turmoil, opportunity and change in the American West throughout the nineteenth century and during the early twentieth century. The vastness of the frontier was an enticing gamble for those willing to reap its rewards and brave its many dangers. Put on your "Gus", strap on your spurs, and join us as we explore the people, events, legends, and details of this most exciting period of American History.

If you belong to any of Pan's western novels, our reference book may be a great resource to aid you in your writing by educating yourself on the historical aspect of that particular time period. Joining is also a handy way to meet the other members of the genre as potential writing partners and friends. Besides that it's just plain fun!

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Wild West's date today is:Mar 19th 2014AD

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