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Feb 2018
Publisher's Choice Award

May 2008

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." ~ Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

With these words, the door opens into the wonderful and complex world created by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. As we travel through Middle Earth, first with Bilbo and The Company to the Lonely Mountain, and then with Frodo and the Fellowship to the terrible Land of Mordor, we walk over a terrain of the imagination, strange, but somehow familiar. Our companions will be Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves, Men and Wizards. We will encounter fantastical creatures - some friend, some foe. The journey will be a long and dangerous one but not without its rewards.

In this reference book we will read and discuss Tolkien's works as well as the traditional mythologies in their backgrounds. And in our journey we shall attempt to become better acquainted with their author.

We invite you to explore with us Middle Earth and the man behind the myth, J. R. R. Tolkien.

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For latest news from Middle Earth: Please check out the links below:

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Peter Jackson's Facebook Page

Begin your journey though Middle Earth by joining us for An Unexpected Party. There's always plenty lembas and mushrooms, and ale on tap!

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The History of Middle Earth

Inhabitants of Middle Earth

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Disclaimer: Discussions at Tolkienmoot are based on the writings by JRR Tolkien and on the New Line Cinema film, Lord of the Rings. This site is for entertainment and educational purposes only. By no means is any "ownership" of Tolkien's orginal creations implied.

Tolkienmoot's date today is:Apr 14th 2004AD

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