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June 2016
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August 2008

We're all arm chair critics. We either passionately love what we are watching or passionately hate it. This is the forum where you get to be Roger Ebert and discuss with other movie and TV addicts, big screen Films, Stage productions and Television shows of the past and present. From black and white silent films and infamous 'B' Cult Movies of the past, to Animation and CGI Films of the present. Gossip about you favorite celebrities, review the latest DVD, or just catch up on Entertainment News. Discuss upcoming productions and future film projects and productions. We talk about it ALL here at the Balcony!


In order to keep From The Balcony tidy, easy to follow, free of duplicate threads and fun for everyone, the Board Editors request that no member begin any new topics without first contacting the Board Editors, for approval. Any unapproved topics will be subject to deletion.


Gangster Films!

Celebrating Panniversary: St. Valentine's Day Style!

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Al "Scarface" Capone, Eliot Ness, Bonnie and Clyde, G-Men, Guys, Dolls and Gun Molls - Join us from Monday, February 12th to Sunday, February 25th in celebrating the 16th Panniversary in the Roaring Twenties Gangster Style!

From the Balcony's date today is:Feb 18th 2018AD

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