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This reference book will cover all facets of flight, civilian and military, from Kittyhawk to present day. Encompassing manufacture, ground support, airfield and aircraft, including aerospace.

We will cover history, military arsenals, civilian fleets, airports, weather, civilian travel and innovations in general aviation. Even space frontiers.We will focus on reference, facts and data. No Role Play. This will be a reference for you, the writer.

Aviation's date today is:May 19th 2019AD

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Latest Discussion Board Posting:

2019-05-04 10:54:18 Six Days and Seven Nights by The Helper Elf
2019-05-04 14:02:11 May 4th 1961 - Altitude record for manned balloon flight set by Tayven Steele
2019-05-04 14:51:38 Lincoln Beachey (1887-1915) by Howard Hughes
2019-05-05 13:38:57 May 5th 1961 - Freedom 7, the first US human spaceflight by Tayven Steele
2019-05-05 15:23:28 Rowland Ding (1885-1917) by Tayven Steele
2019-05-06 14:57:57 May 6th 1937- The German airship Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed by Tayven Steele
2019-05-07 17:23:39 May 7th 1936 - Amy Johnson sets a new record for flying from England to South Africa by Tayven Steele
2019-05-08 06:29:31 Paul Mantz 1903 - 1965 by The Helper Elf
2019-05-08 06:37:37 The Flight of the Phoenix 1965 by The Helper Elf
2019-05-08 14:27:51 May 8th 1927 - François Coli and Charles Nungesser set off to attempt a non-stop Atlantic crossing by Tayven Steele
2019-05-09 14:07:37 May 9th 1926 - The Byrd Arctic Expedition makes the first flight over the North Pole - or does it? by Tayven Steele
2019-05-10 15:15:41 Convair B-58 HUSTLER by Tayven Steele
2019-05-10 15:20:46 May 10th 1961 - Convair B-58A-10-CF Hustler wins the Blériot Trophy by Tayven Steele
2019-05-14 02:03:48 May 14th 1908 - First Passenger Flight by The Helper Elf
2019-05-14 02:25:58 Rosinen Bomber - Candy bombers by The Helper Elf
Latest Social Board Posting:

2019-04-28 15:09:28 The Flight Lounge by Tayven Steele
2019-04-30 17:03:41 Welcome, Nancy Harkness! by Tayven Steele
2019-05-01 09:23:33 RE: Welcome, Nancy Harkness! by Nancy Harkness
2019-05-01 15:15:24 RE: Welcome, Nancy Harkness! by Tayven Steele
2019-05-01 16:04:27 The Control Tower by Tayven Steele
2019-05-01 16:09:20 Aviation is Featured this month by Tayven Steele
2019-05-03 14:57:41 Welcome Howard Hughes! by Tayven Steele
2019-05-04 12:39:02 RE: Welcome Howard Hughes! by Howard Hughes

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