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The Victorian Age

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Antonella Gaspard
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Feb 2018
Best Dressed Reference Award
Best Dressed Award

A reference book for sharing all things of the Victorian Age which spanned from 1837 to 1901. This book is useful to writers of history, steampunk, & westerns.

The Victorian Age is to be a full reference on the period of time called The Victorian Age. It starts on June 20, 1837 with Queen Victoria's coronation, and ended on January 22, 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria. The Victorian Age specifically speaks to the history of Britain and its empire, and also includes American Victorianism, including the Gilded Age.

Before applying for admittance, we prefer if you adhere to the standards of the Victorian Age - please pick an appropriate character, and be willing to comport yourself accordingly.

The Victorian Age's date today is:Apr 14th 1837AD

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2020-08-14 07:49:03 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - She popularized the white wedding dress by Kieran Callaghan
2020-08-15 03:43:10 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - had nine children, but had some harsh opinions of motherhood by Kieran Callaghan
2020-08-16 08:06:57 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - She was fascinated by Jack the Ripper by Kieran Callaghan
2020-08-17 05:55:41 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - Her grandson was suspected of being Jack the Ripper by Kieran Callaghan
2020-08-18 06:23:49 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - She is the second longest-reigning British Monarch by Kieran Callaghan
2020-08-19 07:37:09 Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria - She spent 40 years mourning the death of Prince Albert by Kieran Callaghan
2020-09-01 07:42:48 The 19th-Century Swill Milk Scandal by Kieran Callaghan
2020-10-03 04:33:34 How to Make Lemon Cheese Cakes - The Victorian Way by Bianca
2020-10-03 17:04:57 Very Victorian Ways to Die - Terrible TB by Larisa Novikov
2020-11-28 05:07:23 How to Make Fig Pudding - The Victorian Way by Bianca
2020-12-26 01:26:06 How to Make Swiss Baskets - The Victorian Way by Bianca
2021-01-30 01:09:09 How to Make Rabbit Pudding - The Victorian Way by Bianca
2021-02-27 00:49:02 How to Make Spotted Dick - The Victorian Way by Bianca
2021-03-20 02:17:51 Women, families and money in Victorian Britain by Bianca
2021-04-06 02:23:32 Victorian bathhouse revealed in Manchester by Bianca
Latest Social Board Posting:

2018-10-03 08:10:04 Populations Past – Atlas of Victorian and Edwardian Population by Bianca
2018-12-30 02:31:21 Queen Victoria's Journals by Bianca
2018-12-30 02:38:01 Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding by Bianca
2018-12-30 10:49:34 RE: Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding by Wyatt Earp
2018-12-31 01:07:15 RE: Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding by Bianca
2019-01-16 04:16:22 How to celebrate a Victorian wedding by Bianca
2019-02-14 00:19:26 The Love Story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by Bianca
2019-04-09 00:43:40 Victoria and Albert’s birthdays at Osborne by Bianca
2019-05-24 02:31:48 Pubs, parks and pavilions: Queen Victoria in public places by Emerald
2019-05-24 02:36:30 A Toast to Queen Victoria on the Bicentenary of her Birth by Emerald
2019-06-21 00:12:01 Victoria's first morning as Queen by Bianca
2019-06-25 04:03:36 Gender in 19th Century Britain by Bianca
2019-09-21 15:35:28 Victorian Culinary Trading Cards Are a Feast for the Eyes by Angelica Mercer
2019-11-17 05:40:03 Layers of London by Emerald
2019-12-24 05:55:21 Who wore it? Researching Queen Victoria’s children’s clothes by Bianca

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