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The Tudor family rose to the throne of England in 1485 heralding in an age of unprecedented growth, stability, and expansion of English power. It ended with the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. Some of the most colorful people in history were working under the Tudors. The discussion of all things Tudor.

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Tudor Rose's date today is:Apr 8th 1536AD

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Latest Discussion Board Posting:

2020-03-29 10:46:40 March 29, 1551 by Anne Boleyn
2020-03-30 11:10:05 March 30, 1533 by Anne Boleyn
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2020-04-02 05:39:05 RE: Tudor Trivia Question #28 - Correct, Philippa! by Boudika
2020-04-02 14:41:07 April 2, 1502 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-03 12:39:13 April 3, 1559 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-04 12:32:29 April 4, 1533 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-05 01:18:53 Tudor Trivia Question #29 by Philippa Hainault
2020-04-05 16:52:21 April 5, 1621 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-06 07:00:32 April 6, 1538 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-07 05:59:28 RE: Tudor Trivia Question #29 by Boudika
2020-04-07 09:15:24 April 7, 1537 by Anne Boleyn
2020-04-08 09:44:48 April 8, 1680 by Anne Boleyn
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