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One February 22, 2011, the city of Christchurch was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake causing widespread devastation to the city. The quake caused significant loss of life and injury, as well as severly damaging buildings, infrastructure and services. Red Cross is there providing essential support and humanitarian assistance where needed.

Just after midnight on Monday, November 14, 2016, local time, New Zealand was again rocked by a massive earthquake. This one measured 7.8 in magnitude. The epicenter was 93 kilometers (55 miles) northeast of Christchurch. The earthquake triggered waves 2.49 meters (over 8 feet) above normal tides, which is the highest tsunami waves New Zealand has had in the last 38 years. Severely damaged areas range from Dunedin to Wellington with Kaikoura especially hit.

Please Help by donating to the Red Cross New Zealand's Earthquake fund.

This reference book was created July 9, 2004.

Southern Cross's date today is:Dec 13th 2018AD

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