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The Tenth Muse

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Goth Girl
Rada Falenkova

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Alexei Nikolaevich
Andrea Bauchau
Ashley Artemais
Augustine Alessandra Ambrosine
Bayley Aylesford
Captain StarCastle
Captain paul
Captn Jack Sparrow
Cressida of Troy
Elena Vladimirovna
Elvina Herewood
Erik Phantom
Estarfigam the Memphite
Flavia Amytas
Flora Blackmore
Guy Baxter
Jesslyn OReilly
Jon Morrison
Jove Romulus
Kya Reily
Liaus Horatius
Matt Black
Mollie Malone
Sir Gawain
Skyclad Niall
The Drippin Shade
The Lost Prince
Tom Collins
Violet Crumble
Zephyr Ashton

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Reference Book Awards:

Plato called Sappho of Lesbos the Tenth Muse. Hence, The Tenth Muse is named for the poet.

Today, with her works in fragments, we can only marvel at what was saved and hope that someday more of her complete poems will be discovered.

The membership of The Tenth Muse may post poems by poets of any period and submit their own poetry.

This emphasis is on the appreciation of poetry, discussion and free exchange of poetry without unwarranted criticism.

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Ten 'Things' to know: ... about poetry

Poetsgraves offers a dictionary with great information about poetry! (Click the Dandelion seed. It will open a new window.)

Glossary Of Poetic Terms

In January 2007, The Tenth Muse was chosen as the Reference Dailies Featured Book! Congratulations Members!

Your Members of the 

 Moire  Rada Falenkova  Goth Girl

The Tenth Muse's date today is:Apr 5th 2012AD

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You must be a member of this Reference Book in order to post. You need to apply to become a member, and membership is at the discretion of the board members. While civil discussion is required at all times, lively debate is encouraged. Members of a reference Book must adhere to the guidelines set in order to keep within the theme of the Reference Book.

Latest Discussion Board Posting:

2015-03-10 10:58:35 Celbrating 'AWESOME' Day with some Whitman excerpts by Liaus Horatius
2015-03-27 23:09:13 Long Term Memory by Hallie
2015-04-06 22:09:34 Listen by Moire
2015-05-11 09:38:48 When I Die by Mollie Malone
2015-06-20 09:21:49 Embroidered Memories by Sesen
2016-08-21 10:40:48 Celebrate Poet's Day with X. J. Kennedy by Liaus Horatius
2016-08-22 04:18:21 Celebrate Dorothy Parkers Birthday by Liaus Horatius
2016-12-25 10:31:44 Twas the Night Before Christmas - Jack Sparrow Style! (repost) by Captn Jack Sparrow
2017-03-23 09:56:54 I Dreamed by Mollie Malone
2017-03-23 10:16:29 I Did What? by Mollie Malone
2017-03-23 10:56:42 By the Minute by Skyclad Niall
2017-07-04 07:58:47 Caesar Rodney's Ride - by Charles E. Green (for Independence Day) by Sesen
2018-05-24 16:11:05 Colours : Yellow by Skyclad Niall
2018-05-28 18:46:43 Crossing the Bar - by Alfred, Lord Tennyson by Captn Jack Sparrow
2018-06-29 09:22:41 RE: Poetry of the Membership III by The Lost Prince
Latest Social Board Posting:

2012-02-13 13:49:34 Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Mollie Malone
2012-02-15 09:10:57 RE: Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Moire
2012-02-15 09:12:36 Ch-Ch-Changes (And Upcoming Events) by Moire
2012-03-01 22:13:34 Merry March! by Moire
2012-03-02 07:15:05 Kudos for a job well done! by Goth Girl
2012-03-02 11:36:19 RE: Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Mollie Malone
2012-03-02 17:46:04 RE: Merry March! by Zephyr Ashton
2012-03-03 16:36:48 RE: Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Andrea Bauchau
2012-03-04 08:52:31 RE: Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Rada Falenkova
2012-03-31 21:12:20 RE: Nice Dust Jacket Change!! by Captain StarCastle
2013-04-04 10:40:38 RE: Ten Shakespeare's Sonnets to Know... by Liaus Horatius
2013-09-26 06:12:22 Cat Poetry by Liaus Horatius
2013-10-27 02:50:57 Ghost Story? or Tiger poetry? by Liaus Horatius
2013-10-27 03:37:51 Cat Poetry: The Look of Love by Liaus Horatius
2014-01-15 11:14:37 RE: Cat Poetry: 'The Cat and the Moon' by Liaus Horatius

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