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August 2008

"Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. Myths are vehicles of communication between the conscious and the unconscious just as dreams are."
- Joseph Campbell

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Despite regional and cultural differences of many favorite stories, the recurrence of certain themes and even characters in myths, folktales, and fables is a phenomenon that has enchanted many of us. The Copper Pot, named for the story of the Fisherman and the Genie, is the place to explore these topics for the sake of curiosity, good discourse, or just astonishing revelation.

Bringing different literary traditions, experiences, and preferences to the discussion at The Copper Pot is what will make this not only fertile ground for exploration but also a place for insight into who we are and where we come from. Issues of gender, religion, morality, and redemption; stories of heroes, mercenaries, deities, and beasts make up some of the twine that reaches across cultures binding the tradition of the storyteller, priest, guardian, archaeologist, and poet into one.

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Latest Discussion Board Posting:

2018-05-29 06:13:41 The myth of King Midas and his golden touch by Cassandra Catesby
2018-05-30 04:03:26 The myth of Thor's journey to the land of giants by Cassandra Catesby
2018-05-30 04:09:30 Where do superstitions come from? by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-01 04:08:18 The Egyptian Book of the Dead: A guidebook for the underworld by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-04 03:31:33 The myth of Prometheus by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-05 02:15:25 The myth behind the Chinese zodiac by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-06 04:18:01 Sobek, the Crocodile God by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-07 04:08:30 Wadjet, the Cobra Goddess by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-08 06:12:37 Maahes, the Lion God by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-09 03:39:08 Tenenet, the Goddess of Beer and Childbirth by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-11 03:42:50 Khepri, the Scarab Beetle God by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-12 04:35:08 Seshat, the Goddess of Writing by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-13 04:02:28 Khonsu, the God of the Moon by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-14 02:13:42 Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess by Cassandra Catesby
2018-06-15 03:06:06 Bes, the Household Protector by Cassandra Catesby
Latest Social Board Posting:

2012-03-12 15:40:35 RE: Trivia Q #75 by Nerissa Emeraldas
2012-03-12 19:18:12 RE: Trivia Q #75 - Correct! by Becca Rembrandt
2012-03-13 09:13:24 Rumpelstiltskin Trivia II: Question #76 by Nerissa Emeraldas
2015-09-05 11:58:30 Once upon a time... is this the end? by Clio
2018-01-21 20:09:27 Hey there by Beatrix
2018-01-22 02:06:20 RE: Hey there by Cassandra Catesby
2018-01-22 04:09:33 RE: Hey there by Korvus Korax
2018-01-23 14:08:04 Welcome Cassandra, and Korvus! by Destiny
2018-01-24 06:27:17 RE: Welcome Cassandra, and Korvus! by Korvus Korax
2018-01-24 08:09:46 RE: Welcome Cassandra, and Korvus! by Cassandra Catesby
2018-03-03 19:51:55 Congratulations Korvus Korax, and Cassandra Catesby! by Destiny
2018-03-04 00:43:24 RE: Congratulations Korvus Korax, and Cassandra Catesby! by Cassandra Catesby
2018-03-04 05:24:37 RE: Congratulations Korvus Korax, and Cassandra Catesby! by Korvus Korax
2018-03-04 08:39:27 The Stones are Hatching by Beatrix
2018-03-04 09:11:11 Congratulations Copper Pot! by Destiny

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