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Creatures of Darkness

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Grimm Fairy
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August 2008
Creatures of Darkness are many.
Some are large, some small. Some have great powers, some can shape shift or fly. Some are creatures of the night. Some just walk when the Moon is bright.

Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, and more.

Left here in this place for all to enjoy. See a Creature that's amiss?
Please place them on the list.

More will be appearing as time goes on.
Some of them are hard to track down.
Creatures usually don't look for you.....
Ok some do....
Enjoy the Creatures
I'm sure they will enjoy you......

Please do not start new threads without speaking to a MOBster. Thank You!

Tell us your Ghost Story.

City of the Undead... Where the Dead Never Sleep....

Winner of the Headless Lady Horror Award!

Headless Lady Horror Award Winner For Spring 2005

Pan Historian Featured Reference Book

Creatures of Darkness's date today is:Apr 14th 2020AD

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