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 Pan Historia Junction   

Don't know where you want to be yet? Just want to be part of Pan Historia and browse around? Don't know which novel you want? The Junction is the social hub of Pan Historia's Novels section and every character you create is automatically made a member, so if you don't see an existing novel for your character(s) to play in, the Junction is the place to discuss ideas for new Novels.

Search for a Novel by Genre:

Action, Adventure, Crime, Sports, Mystery, it's all part of the Action Genre.

Contemporary Fiction
Novels set in the modern period with contemporary themes such as medical dramas or soap operas.

Fantasy from modern to ancient, whether it's fairy tales or epic sagas of dark and light set in far away lands of the imagination. Maybe it's nearer to home and dreams of being in the movies or folk lore. Wizards and Witches, Swords and Sorcery.

Historical fiction of all eras, all epoques.

Horror, bizarre tales, Tales from the Crypt, and ghost stories.

Science Fiction
Science Fiction and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Distant worlds, advanced technology, space ships, and aliens.

Westward expansion, cowboys and indians, outlaws and lawmen, the stuff of the Western.

Other Works
Here you will find those literary gems that defy classification

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