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NC-17    Smugglers Moon

Nar Shadaa is the center of the criminal underworld. A haven for Smugglers, mercenaries, pirates, slavers, spice dealers, in fact, anyone who does not ask too many questions and wants to make a name for themselves. Does that include you?

R    Firefly

Based on Fox's television series and Serenity movie sequel, Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his intrepid crew travel their universe in search of freedom and employment after a war that has brought nearly all under domination of a central power.

NC-17    The Slipstream

That Which Lies Between.

R    Perihelion

The Universe is a dangerous place. Cosmic events, aliens, scoundrels and rogues, and that's just an average day! The sentient ship Serendipity and her crew try to make their living salvaging ancient tech or downed ships, but their main goal is just to survive.

PG    SG Atlantis

This is the continuing story of the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy

R    Everlast

Everlast is what the other planets call the Alliance, a natural pact that they say comes with the dragons. It is 3040, and it has finally come to Earth.

R    Spiral Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy is an anthology novel for original solo or collaborative Science Fiction and Science Fantasy stories.

Cyber Punk
NC-17    Horizon's Edge

Welcome to Horizon's Edge friend; the so-called "Jewel" of the Free State. A trifecta of Corps, Crime, and Corruption would be more honest. Step carefully, make some friends, and you might do ok. Don't, and you might end up chum.

Fan Fic
PG-13    Star Wars: The Saga

The Republic endured for one thousand generations. The Empire for little more than one. The tapestry of stories that wove together to create galactic history are myriad. What thread do you hold?

Fan Fic

It is the dawn of a new era. The Shadow Wars are over. The First Ones are gone. Now it is the time of the Younger Races, to meet the challenge of freedom from the past and to reach out and forge their own destinies among the stars.

Fan Fic
PG-13    TARDIS Tales

Venture to the far reaches of human history, all that was and will be, in this novel.


The voyages of the Interstellar Geographic science/exploration vessel Robert Ballard; its mission to discover and document new technologies and civilizations.


The last broadcast 200 years ago ended “Alas, the folly of man” as bio-engineered plagues claimed 99.9996% of the population. Now some are rebuilding pockets of civilization while others scavenge the bones of what was lost. Sharing the common goal of surviving another day.


Twelve years after “It”, a virus that killed anyone past puberty, those left try to survive in a hostile world. Yesterday’s Children now must work to build themselves a new world from the ruins of the old one.

R    Waystations

Moving out into space requires more than ships. There must be stops along the way to resupply and take refuge when needed. Waystations were built as humans moved further out into space. Just getting to one can be a trip. Holding on to one can be dangerous. Making them successful can be almost impossible.


The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is a UN run military organization, although they primarily take their orders from the British Prime Minister.

Post Apocalypse

Inspired by the novel, and the movies, this is an original retelling of the post-apocalyptic conflict between apes and humans.


Twenty years or so into the future and the world is radically different from the one we know. Yellow Stone, a mega volcano, destroyed the North America continent and began a nuclear winter that still covers the Earth in ash and cold. 75% of life on the planet has ceased to exist. On the small island nation of the United Kingdom there is some semblance of civilization left – as well as a return to barbarism.


For the discussion of science fiction, the science fiction genre at Pan Historia, and the community hub of the Science Fiction Genre.

R    The Trig

Stories of life under the ocean waves, merfolk to intelligent orca.

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