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PG-13    Short Cuts

Have a story that the current novels don't accomodate? Write it here at Short Cuts, Pan Historia's official Anthology Novel.


The Crossroads of Pan Historia where everyone is welcome.


The Red Carpet Society is the happening place to be if you like to party because we are THE party. The members of this group plan and hold member-supported parties, events, contests, and other fun things for the whole Pan Historia community.


Under A Dark Green Sun is an experimental and exploratory novel.

NC-17    Rattle Bag

A miscellany of creative writing in various forms.

NC-17    Tempest's Sanctuary

The streets of Paris, past and future, hold sacred refuge for many creatures ~ Vampire, Wereanimal, Human... victim. Whatever you imagined a sanctuary to be... imagine again. Come find your Sanctuary.

NC-17    A New World

An anthology of stories about adult relationships found only in the writers’ fantasies, never in their realities.


Adventure comes in many forms. Here, you may choose which road you wish to travel. Will it be the Roaring 20's? Finding lost temples in a wild jungle, or something else entirely?

R    The Sandbox

A place for invited writers to play with ideas too small (or weird) to warrant their own novels.


Anthology of stories using dice RPG systems. D&D, GURPS, WoD and more! We welcome DMs and players to experiment with new systems or get back to old favorites. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and some traditional roleplay!


There are many things we love about Pan Historia - the stories, the games, the people. Here's a place we can celebrate all of that with other members and also with the visionary who created Pan for us - Wyatt!

NC-17    The Fickle Muse

For all the ideas that may never come to fruition, but need a home nonetheless.

NC-17    Tinseltown

An anthology of tales set in the Golden Age of Hollywood

G    CATastrophe

A place for our feline fancies to run free, and create a little havoc.

PG    Liaus Horatius

A tribute Novel to Liaus Horatius

NC-17    Writer's Muses

Writer's Muses has weekly writing prompts with many prompts to choose from for your Characters and Muses.

NC-17    The Matria

An anthology of erotic stories involving the inhabitants of the eight island kingdoms of The Matria.


Anthology of collective works spanning infinite worlds and genres where anything is possible.

Graphic Novels and Cartoons
NC-17    X-treme Pixels

Home of the Graphic Novels and Pan Cartoons.

PG    Zone : Other

For the discussion of 'other works fiction, the other genre at Pan Historia, and the community hub of the Other Genre. The Other genre is a collection of novels, reference books, and discussions that defy a single categorization.


The Pan Millionaire Think Tank - where top tier supporters get to assist in planning new fun for Pan Historia.


Two sisters renovate/restore an old plantation and turn it into a bed and breakfast. However some parts of the past are harder to lay to rest...

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