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NC-17    Alien - Hive

It is the year 2179, the USS Bourgainville is on routine patrol in the depths of space. It is their job to respond to any SOS along the way. The corporations firmly control everything and their rapid expansion keeps everyone alert.


Stories to warm the Heart...or Chill the Soul.

NC-17    Into the Abyss

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. - Nietzsche

NC-17    FLESH

Love and hope for a new world cleansed of all the old crap - but first you have to get through that horde of flesh-eating zombies.

R    C.O.R.P.S.E.

Welcome to CORPSE, a secret society dedicated to the retrieval, pacification and storage of cursed objects, which can be literally anything and anywhere, belonging to anyone. CORPSE agents track, examine and, if necessary, contain these objects.

NC-17    Crimson Kiss

Crimson Kiss is more than Vampiress Dahlia's manor house. Here you reveal your dark self with others in a fascinating environment of vampiric majesty, mayhem and magic. Please come join the conversation and merriment.

Fan Fic
PG-13    Chosen

Ever since the Chosen One became the Chosen Ones, more and more vampire slayers have emerged around the world. Some have united in the fight against evil. Others continue alone. Have you been Chosen?

R    Carpe Noctem

The City of Angels is notorious for being anything but; violence and corruption are part of everyday life. But in the shadows a war for supremacy rages between the disillusioned societies of supernatural beings. It is the war to seize the night.


It is a dangerous time in Victorian London. Demons, shape-shifters, witches and other creatures of darkness have begun gathering here. Will you join their numbers? Or will you dare to be human in a city where evil lurks around every corner and within every shadow?

NC-17    Dark Portals

In 19th Century London, the reemergence of the Hellfire Clubs portends dangerous times ahead.

NC-17    Lone Star Hauntings

Ever wonder why they talk about the Red Dirt of Texas? Because it ran with blood...

NC-17    House of the Dragon

Vlad II is Prince of Wallachia, but only tenuously. The Ottoman Empire lurks like a great beast to the east, waiting to devour Europe. To keep this monster at bay, Vlad must tear apart his own family to protect the people of his principality. Vlad II must also beware an even darker lord of the night. Thus the House of the Dragon begins.

NC-17    Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a work of original fiction set in Victorian times, beginning in 1888. It features tales of the supernatural, mystery, and murder most foul.

PG-13    Zone : Horror

For the discussion of horror fiction, true horror, the horror genre, as well as the social hub of the Horror Genre at Pan Historia.

R    The Academy

At The Academy faculty and students come and go, but the dead never leave.

NC-17    666 West End Avenue

Something dark lurks within the cock-roach infested hallways of 666 West End Ave. Set in the twenties and the present - ghosts, possessions, Satanism, and more.

NC-17    Year of the Cat

This is a war Between the Children of Light and The Children of Night, both sprung from an Ancient Civilization.

R    Supernatural

Shadows skittering down the hall, nameless faces in the dark, terror sliding down your spine….others may think you're crazy, but there are some, hunters, guardians from the denizens of the underworld, ready to take on your case and fight.

R    Nocturne

Heaven and Hell look on, while supernatural creatures roam the streets of Los Angeles. Wild Magic sweeps the land and the barriers between dimensions are breached.

R    Ghost Stories

A ghost story anthology.

NC-17    Red Moon

In the haunted town of Red Moon, Colorado - people live, work and play amongst the spirits of the dead and the threat of things more sinister, including its dark past.

NC-17    Turnskin

Our story takes place in present day New York City. The ancient Lycaon Society hides its true purpose and poses as a sort of dusty old club for scholars. However one member has gone AWOL and is infecting the young and the disenfranchised of the city, creating killing spree that is sending shockwaves of horror far and wide.

zombie apocalypse

Zombie horror novel inspired by The Walking Dead

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