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PG-13    The One Ring

The Lord of the Rings-The untold story.


All those who wander through Middle Earth are not lost. From the days when the light of Telperion and Laurelin shown in Valinor to the rebuilding of Gondor by King Elessar a thousand stories remain to be told.

R    Planeshift

The vast energies of the multiverse, the veil that binds and separates all the many worlds, has safeguarded a delicate balance for countless eons since the dawn of creation. In recent centuries, new threats have arisen that might destroy the very fabric that keeps the worlds separate.

R    City of Gold

Tales of a city made of pure gold began to spread throughout Spain upon the return of the conquistadors. Join our expedition as we set out to navigate the New World in order to find this lost city of gold.


An anthology of adventures devoted to legends, and the epic tales which become legends.


We all know the tales of the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable. But in “Unto Britannia…”, tis “the Untold Stories” of 5th century Britannia that we continue; Those of Merlin, Guinevere, Arthur, the Sarmatian Knights, and others that rose to become Knights of the Roundtable.

NC-17    The Lost Age

The annals of an age lost in the mists of time...

R    Tamriel

A novel based on The Elder Scrolls series, set several centuries after the events in Skyrim.


A demon dabbling in mortality and a jaded knight are just trying to do the right thing.


In parallel worlds, dragons fly, gallant men rescue fair maids both above and below the waves, and travelers quest for secret treasures. Fantasy and adventure abound, and your imagination is the only limit! Come experience your Un-Reality!

PG-13    Through the Pages

Live the Books you love. Party with Scarlet at Twelve Oaks, pillage with Blackbeard, ride with Custer, Lee, Jackson and Grant. Explore with Eric the Red. Enter your favorite books – Through the Pages!

PG-13    The World of Nia

100 years after the great wars in the land known as Kiash, the Kiashian races have found tentative peace. Now it is a time of discovery, learning and living. These are the stories of the World of Nia.

NC-17    Shadows & Smoke

Shadows and Smoke is an anthology novel for quality fantasy and speculative fiction. We welcome imaginative and original storylines, either solo or group writing.

R    Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is a town with a history; and now Magic and Non-Magical people live at odds. Witches are a minority, oppressed, discriminated, segregated, and regulated by the government. This is the story of The Salem Witches Academy.

NC-17    The Midnight People

Imagine you wake up from a dream so vivid, so lucid, you just can't believe it's not real? What if you find out is REAL and everything you thought you knew about reality was the dream?

Fairy Tales

A retirement home for fairy tale creatures. The unwanted, the ornery, the decrepit, we've got room for all.

Fairy Tales
R    Storybrook

The town of Storybook holds many secrets. It seems like a normal, quaint seaside town - but looks can be deceiving. There is a cloak of magic in the air, clouding the truth hidden within. Will it all be revealed? Only time will tell...

Fan Fic

From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last.There can be only one!

Fan Fic

Join as any of yours or favorite Disney characters in an epic adventure where you will face Light and Darkness. Are you good, bad, or just an ordinary person? Do you want to save the worlds? Or conquer them?

Fan Fic

Four children, having been sent to Professor Kirke, find themselves hiding in a wardrobe leading to a magical land. Narnia, ruled by the White Witch has been under a hundred year winter and her siege has brought nothing but misery.

PG-13    Zone : Fantasy

For the discussion of fantasy fiction, the fantasy genre at Pan Historia, and the community hub of the Fantasy Genre.

PG-13    Changelings

Ordinary people in an extraordinary reality, governed by the ancient laws of magick. The Scooby Gang have undertaken a great quest to restore the balance of the cosmos, pausing only to shake out the Tablecloth of Plenty and the occasional show tune.


The secrets of our time are heavily guarded. Some wish to drink from the Fountain of Knowledge for their own gain, while the wise wish to find the Fountain of Memory to help all. The Sons of Mithras guard both but they are slowly destroyed by the Order of Calatrava. Join us and remember - to find what you seek you must first forget all.

NC-17    Escavala

Escavala is a decadent city-state powered by a clockwork of espionage, intrigue and confidence games. All who do business here do not do so lightly.

R    Moon Shadows

Strange things are beginning to happen all across time and space. Dark things are causing Chaos, but so far, Selene cannot see who or what is causing it.


The God of Jacob has delivered the Twelve Tribes out of Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land of their ancestors. When faithful and obedient to God, they have been richly blessed and given victory over the Canaanites.

PG-13    Hogwarts

"Ever wonder what it's like to cast a spell, ride a broom, or befriend a friendly giant? Perhaps you will get your notice in by owl from Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

PG-13    Beauxbatons

Beauxbaton Academy of Magic is one of the three most prestigious magical schools in Europe. At Beauxbatons, you'll learn to cast spells, brew potions and play Quidditch! Let your imagination run free...

PG-13    Ilvermorny

An all new adventure in the Wizarding World; Ilvermorny is the American school of the classic Harry Potter series. The Dark Lord is coming and heroes will be forged.


This is where magic and steampunk, cowboys and pirates, monsters and adventurers come together. Nestled just outside of reality, the Crossroads is the place for a hearty helping of original fantasy with all the fixings.


The time is 1880-1910. The world is awash with the miracles of modern science, powered by steam and aether. Yet there is a current of the supernatural also flowing. What will happen as politics, magic, and technology collide?

NC-17    Phantasmagoria

A city of smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger...


In a modern world where vampires, humans and werewolves coexist, relationships are challenged in new ways. Will eternity prove to be your ally or your foe?

R    Magick

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Vampyre, Werewolf, Witch, or Immortalis Scabiem? Maybe you can find out in Magick?


From the day it was founded, Harworth has been a shared home between supernaturals and humans. The town suffers a dark history, one full of bloodshed to assert dominance, but for centuries it has maintained an ongoing peace. But shall it remain?

NC-17    Imps of Ink

Here are some accounts of the worlds at play beneath the common reality of ordinary life: the worlds of non-Euclidean geometries, of ancient tomes and murmuring madmen, of ancient legends of undying evil, and of the mad gods at the centre of the universe…

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