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NC-17    The Ties That Bind

A relationship and crime story about some young people who make some bad choices.

PG-13    Eden's Paradise

Edenís Paradise takes place at a resort owned by a very eccentric man and revolves around two year-round employees, Miss Black and Miss White, and their adventures. Guests may stay in luxury suites, bungalows, or villas. The novel will be open to all as guests and they may come and go as they please living out any adventures they fancy.


The story of several cities, each with its own unique character and people, competing to rule a fantasy world.

NC-17    Saints and Sinners

Life can be the worlds biggest roller coaster. It can house our highest highs and with todays social media, our every mistake! Let's face it, Shit Happens! If your story is in a modern setting, then right here is where it belongs.

R    Slice of Life

Slice of Life - Life, observed and examined. An anthology of stories in the slice of life genre.

NC-17    Stories in the Now

An anthology of Contemporary Stories

PG-13    Zone : Contemporary

For the discussion of contemporary fiction, the contemporary genre at Pan Historia, and the community hub of the Contemporary Genre. Contemporary is a collection of novels and reference books primarily keyed to our modern world.


Subdivisions --- In the high school halls In the shopping malls Conform or be cast out Subdivisions --- In the basement bars In the backs of cars Be cool or be cast out Any escape might help to smooth The unattractive truth But the suburbs have no charms to soothe The restless dreams of youth "Rush"


Three friends use their studio space in the country for parties.

R    Applesauce

Life in the Big Apple - New York City

R    Back To Front

At Pike's Place & The Bistro, the back and front of the house don't always get along, but the guests don't need to know that.

NC-17    As the Snow Falls

A small resort-based community next to Aspen, Colorado, Mayhem is a prosperous town surrounded by the magnificent Rockies. Our story is contemporary and nearly anything goes: think soap opera in the snow.


Is life but a dream...? What do the lab rats know of the universe beyond their mazes? Noctropolis is a city where the sun never shines, a city of perpetual night. Noctropolis is a myth, a legend, an imagining.


Life can go in so many different directions and not always the way we plan. But that's life as we know it. Make your own path. Life: Define it yourself.

NC-17    Wyldwood

A town of mystery and magic, isolated in rural Maine and founded by refugees from the Witch Hunts that plagued the Old World and New England.


Kings of the Veil is a modern urban/arcana novel based in London and focusing on the factions of awakened mortals that live in this world. It is a novel of allies, frenemies, and supernatural threats.

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