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PG-13    Zone : Action

For the discussion of action fiction, the action genre at Pan Historia, and the community hub of the Action Genre.

PG-13    The Relic Hunters

Dispatched throughout the world, a team of handpicked archaeologists attempt to unravel ancient clues, hazard archaic traps and often race against time to retrieve and protect precious relics from mercenaries.


Swinging London in the Swing Sixties: the music, the clothes, the Cold War, the aliens. Join Her Majesty's Other Secret Service.


The Next Adventure, a partial sequel to The High Adventure, is a gaslight alternative history adventure novel. It is a telling of a grand struggle between Order, represented by the autocratic Knights Templar, and Chaos, represented by the anarchic Assassins.

NC-17    Thrilling Tales

It is the Golden Age of Pulp — brash explorers, brilliant detectives, masked avengers, rogue scientists, and nefarious villains. Lost worlds, cursed treasures, new technologies and more are all to be discovered at Thrilling Tales!


Though the British Empire provides peace across the globe, the streets of London offer as much danger as India and Africa. But secret government agents quietly defend British interests at home and abroad, all in service of Her Majesty.


Come test your story play prowess. The story is always different, but the goal never changes: be the last one standing and take home the prize. Do you have what it takes to play Survivor?

NC-17    Action Files

Action Files: An anthology novel dedicated to the action genre.

NC-17    Comix

New York City is a place where everyone has an empire to build... or to be destroyed. Crime is a way of life. The police fight back against gangs, mafia, drug dealers and gun runners. Whose side are you on?

NC-17    NCIS

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services) is here to solve the military's toughest crimes.

NC-17    Engines of Intrigue

With the nations of Europe in fierce military competition with one another, and the deadly spread of anti-Imperial sentiments across the Continent, secret police and intelligence communities rise up to face the challenge.

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