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The new year had finally come, 1600 A.D.

There were those who did not find their interest in the King, but in that of God, the Lady MacDonald being one of them. Her husband, Lord Enoch MacDonald had gone off to settle a village in the high plains that had been roused by recent uprisings between Catholics and Episcopalians, but died during the height of excitement. She was now a Lady left with a near empty castle still in her possession and a land that was almost completely donated to the cause of the Clan Knights. Her vigilence and dedication to their cause was of most importance, and while she gave them shelter with the building of smaller temples on her lands, they also cradled her in their wealth, giving her the ways and means to keep up with the facade of being the Lady of the Castle. But turbulent times were about to befall Castle Berrwick as the Lady of the Castle continued to mourn her beloved husband whom she would never feel the touch of again. Times were changing, and she was having a hard time changing with them.

Enoch MacDonald, R.I.P

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