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Viktor participated in the 1994-1995 Tri-Wizarding Tournament hosted by Hogwarts. There he met and befriend Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley. At the time, he was a student at Durmstrang and on the Bulgarian national Quidditch team as a seeker.

Over many months in 1996 and 1997, Viktor worked with auror Ethan Somerset to help gather evidence against the dark wizard and cult leader Koyla. This work ended in tragedy when Hogwarts student Kendra Beck was murdered by Koyla just moments before help arrived and Koyla was arrested.

Feeling guilty about Kendra's death even though he had no way of preventing it, Viktor anonymously set up a scholarship to pay for all school supplies and pay a stipend in installments to the recipients over the course of the school year.

Recipients of the Kendra Beck Hogwarts Scholarship are as follows:

1997-1998: Bronwyn Dewhurst & Ron Weasley
1998-1999: Coco Nutt & Anthony Beck
1999-2000: Plum Lancaster & Fritz Scheckenphefferhausen
2000-2001: Ariella Beck & Malcolm Baddock
2001-2002: Alanna Beck & Jared Wynbourne
2002-2003: Cornelia Vanderbilt & Deacon Bennett
2003-2004: Griet Vanderbilt & Ronan Eastwick
2004-2005: Olive Green & Wiggersmythe Hodfuffer
2005-2006: Aleydis Vanderbilt, Ella Harville, Jack Emerson, & Christopher Chant
2006-2007: Etta Wynbourne, Ramona Mickle, Basil Wynbourne, & Mark Farnon
2007-2008: Sadie Mickle, Beatrix Vanderbilt, Alastor Jenkins, & Hunter Rabnott
2008-2009: Hydrangea Marchbanks, Ramona Mickle, Caerwyn Valentine, Gus Van Tassel
2009-2010: Jade Green, Glori Hodfuffer, Mason Jeffers, Jasper Jenkins
2010-2011: Marlow MacDougal, Hunter Green, Baron Marchbanks, Paton Shrewsbury
2011-2012: Mildred Campbell, Sophie McCourt, Franciscus Vanderbilt
2012-2013: Duncan Dippet, Asher Kent, Leonine Marchbanks, Malden McGonagall
2013-2014: Tessa Filby, Finley Pride, Kurt Blackwell, Bran Hyland

Viktor attempted to get his life back to normal but Koyla escaped before being brought to trial. Things weren't going very well in other areas of his life either. Viktor's friend Ethan vanished from his teaching job at Hogwarts and appeared to be working with dark forces. Koyla had Viktor kidnapped, making it seem as though Viktor had gone into seclusion and using someone disguised as Viktor when needed. Koyla held Viktor for weeks in a cramped space the size of a small closet. Escape came when an agent working undercover helped Viktor shortly before Koyla planned to kill him. It was at this same time that the Bulgarian Ministry's force of aurors moved in to recapture Koyla. In an odd twist of events that night, Viktor killed Koyla.

Already running flying and Quidditch workshops for the first and second year Hogwarts students, Viktor applied for a position at Hogwarts and got the job of flying instructor and Quidditch instructor when Madam Hooch went on sabbatical. When Harriet Snider become Hogwarts Headmistress, Theodosia Batuti was brought in to work alongside Viktor. During Harriet Snider's second year, Viktor was let go altogether with Theodosia taking his position at Hogwarts.

During that second year of Snider's rule, Viktor did not run the Quidditch and flying workshops. He concentrated on the Hogsmeade Humbatas and bought Windweaver's Completely Quidditch. Viktor recently has been dealing with having a teen with an attitude problem indentured to him. The teen is Zuberi Batuti, younger brother of Theodosia.

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