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Isolde - Incredible - Sexy - Original - Lucious - Devilish - Extraordinary - Isolde

Pyrrhus Fine, the biological son of a Voldemort follower, Graham Hipworth, and a pureblood witch, Sally Stroulger, was raised from birth by Eliza and Paul Fine. They led everyone to believe he was their natural born son and Py only recently learned the truth. Py recently connected with his paternal aunt, Gemma Hipworth, who's been sharing her memories and photos of Graham and Sally with Py.

Py is a member on the professional Quidditch team the Hogsmeade Humbatas. His love, the most beautiful, gifted, and deviously minded woman in the Wizarding World, is Isolde Farnon, a member of the Salisbury Snakes and considered to be one of the top five Chasers in the world of Quidditch. Isolde and Py share a cottage in the Salisbury area.

Gemma Hipworth died tragically. Pyrrhus was deeply mournful at having lost the biological aunt he'd barely begun to know. Events ultimately led him to meet a man called Edmond Jeffers, who is in actuality Graham Hipworth. Py has since learned that his biological father was working undercover, only posing as a Voldemort supporter, though Graham did at that time have some notions of purebloods being superior than others.

In the summer of 2003, Pyrrhus learned something else about his birth father. Edmond Jeffers, having given up living as Graham Hipworth many years prior, not only lived among the Muggles but has had a long-term, on again, off again relationship with a Muggle woman. This relationship resulted in a child.

Edmond had planned on eventually telling Py about having a half-brother, Mason. He told Py sooner than he thought he might because Edmond had a Hogwarts letter for Mason. Edmond wanted Py to help him explain the Wizarding World and Hogwarts to Mason. Mason is now reading law at St. Emrys University.

Isolde and Pyrrhus married in August 2004.

Paul Giovanni Fine was welcomed to the family on 2 October 2010.

Alexis Eliza Fine came into the world on 8 January 2013.

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