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In the language of the Elves: "Suilaid! Mae Govannen, mellyn nin!"

or in the common language of Men: "Greetings and Welcome, my friends!"

"Ah Imladris (Rivendell)! The land of my forebearers."

Lady Elvina Herewood, Commander of Elven Army of Imladris

Lady Elvina Herewood is the youngest and only daugher of four elven children of well respected parents, Captain Aneurin and Lady Belva. Lady Elvina or Elva as she mostly known to her family is quite beautiful. Her beauty is compared to her kinswoman Lady Arwen. Lady Elvina is also caring, patient individua; as well as, well-loved by all who knows her. Moreover, she is considered to be wise but also out-spoken which leads her nto trouble and that is what happens when you grow up with three older brothers.

The Herewood family has been living in Rivendell for generations; since the founding of it. Since the day Lady Elvina was born, she has grown accustom to have in her hand, bow and arrow. She is also an excellent swordsman and also an excellent horseman. All the elves living in Rivendell have been taught the art of combat. This was something that her parents have taught her at a very young age along with her three elder brothers, Egan, Erard and Asgard.

In the ~ THE ONE RING ~ Novel:

According to the Herewood family, there was ancient prophecy concerning Lady Elvina Herewood. According to this ancient prophecy, if anyone of her family namely her father, her three elder brothers died, Lady Elvina will become Lord Protector of Lord Elrond and his household and of Imladris. Who knew that this ancient prophecy came true.

With her father, and her three elder brothers death, Lady Elvina Herewood was adopted into the household of Lord Elrond by a brotherly pledge made by her father to Lord Elrond over two thousand years ago. She also took her father's duty as the new Captain of Elven Guards of Imladris. Her life is now sworn by her destiny to protect Lord Elrond and the Daughter of Twilight and those around them and of Middle Earth.

With the War of the Prophecy over, there is a new danger concerning the Daughter of Light and the Daughter of Twilight. A great battle is coming to Middle Earth... Who will turn the tide?? Will the Light over Darkness prevail?

To Read the War of the Prophecy, please go HERE


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This homepage design was created by Elvina Herewood

Character Disclaimer: Elvina Herewood is sole creation made by me in the Tolkien style. She is not part of the LOTR Trilogy books nor by J.R.R.Tolkien himself. I have created this character with sole purpose to write in two Tolkien-style novels New Tales from Middle Earth, and The One Ring. Elvina Herewood name is copyrighted@ on the day of creation May 10, 2002.

My Novels:

Pan Historia Junction
New Tales From Middle Earth
The One Ring
The Forgotten Realms - Out of Print
Amore Mortale - Out of Print
Benevolence - Out of Print
Unveil Your Adventure
Zone : Fantasy
Zone : Contemporary
Zone : Other
Zone : History
The Pan Millionaire's Club
Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
Zone : Action
Zone : Romance
Early American Narratives
A Book for Wyatt

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The Symposia
Southern Cross
The Tenth Muse
The Craft Faire
Through the Lens
Happily Ever After
Pan Web Design 101
The Music Studio

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My Favorite Reads:

The One Ring

New Tales From Middle Earth
The Forgotten Realms - Out of Print
Benevolence - Out of Print
Zone : Fantasy
Zone : History
Zone : Contemporary
PiRamesses - Out of Print
Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
Zone : Action
Zone : Other
Amore Mortale - Out of Print
Unveil Your Adventure
Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe
BardicWeb Refugee Camp
Early American Narratives
A Book for Wyatt

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Great post! :-) Will follow up when I get home :-)
Jan 29, 2018 04:51 am
Protector of the Imladris in danger. Who is going to protect you?
Jan 29, 2018 04:31 am
New Beginnings for Elvina of Imladris and Legolas of Mirkwood
May 24, 2017 04:52 am
Finally love story coming to a full circle.
Apr 29, 2016 03:33 am
Great Post
Jan 19, 2016 09:30 pm

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