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Michael St.Micheal

In Tombstone:
I'm just an ordinary cowpoke, gambler, rogue...and now, mass murderer. I'm the one responsible for the Crib Fires that killed all them soiled doves. It was Honey Bee's fault.She knew I was drunk, and she did it anyway. She tried to keep me down, and there wasn't anyway that was happenin'. So I hit her, and she hit her head too hard on the edge of the bed. Killed her dead, so I tried to cover it up, and started a small fire with her lantern. I didn't know it would jump to the next crib. Or the next. I'd already run away.Don't matter that I ran back to help put out the fire with everyone else. God help me, all them dead whores are haunting me, and all I can do is drink to quiet their screams of agony as they burned to death, trapped in their cribs. I'm damned for sure.
Right now, I'm holed up in a shack somewheres on the outskirts of town, being tended to by a youngster names Sherlene, after drunkenly falling and wounding myself on a jagged piece of wood.
Only one other knows my secret- a soiled dove named Littlebit, who works at the Crystal Palace. But she won't say nothin', 'cause I told her if she did, I'd kill every one of her friends. I meant it. After all,what's a few more voices added to the cacophony,eh?

In Highlander:
I am a member of a secret society known as The Watchers, men and women who watch and record- but do not interfere- in the lives of a race of beings known as the Immortals, who participate in a bizarre cultural tradition known as " The Game". As I have come to learn, "The Game" is not for fun at all, but a deadly way of life for the Immortals. They battle each other to the death, seperating head from body, the only way an Immortal can be killed. The only refuge from The Game is on Holy Ground, where all Immortals may go, but not engage in their battles. To this end, the last Immortal standing will inherit "The Prize", With the knowledge and skill to either help humanity...or rule it as a conquering despot.
My mission is to continue to record the life of one Immortal- Korannis - and to keep her whereabouts known at all times to the Watchers Society. Whether I will succeed or not...time will only tell.

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