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Who was Amandus du Witt?

He was the protagonist in a novel and a series of novellas I wrote back in the late '70's and early '80's. He was a time-travelling gent involved in tremendous plot complexities who in one case ended up in an adventure in King Arthur's court that would have put Mark Twain to shame. Although Twain was indeed the better writer! I created Amandus du Witt here at Pan the winter of 2003/2004 to play in a Time Travel novel that rapidly died, even before the Melt, but he is indeed a part of who I am. So. Here he is again, finding something out there to give him a "best fit".

In Alltud

Amandus is middle aged, of Dutch extraction. He never lived in Holland, however, but was dragged around as a child, willy nilly, through country after country by his parents. His mother's mother was Welsh, and he has found an affinity for that region.

He became something of a bookworm as an avocation, and a scholar on ancient literature, whether Welsh, English, Dutch, Germanic, or French. Arthuriana fascinates him, whether the Grail, or the related Tristan and Isolde tale or in the works of Chretien de Trois. They almost seem more real to him than his daily existence.

In contrast to his reading life, his day to day is filled with impatience and a thwarted need for action. He works a dead end job in London, and keeps seeing shadows and beckoning hands where least expected. But, at least until now, he can't do anything about it.

In The Time Lords

Under discussion.

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Image manipulation of clocks by Amandus du Witt.
Scenic backdrops by Amandus du Witt, using Terragen 3-D software package, extra editing via PSP.

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