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In the 666 West End Avenue Room:

Name: Detective Mackenzie Ringgold
A.K.A: Mac
Birthdate: May 3
Age: 37

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 153 lbs
Eyes: hazel
Hair: dark brown; sandy blonde, shaggy, usually dishevelled
Defining Marks: bullet scar on left shoulder, small hairline scar on lower back-considered a birthmark, unknown origins.

Keywords: impetuous ; charismatic ; quick-witted
Behaviour/Personality: Mac tends to have a love hate relationship with the law. He often terrorizes his partners, and will stickup for the poor and oppressed criminal. He is a quick thinker with a sharp wit and a forward approach in his mannerism and speech. Charismatic, Mac has his own small band of police officers who follow him almost with blind loyalty because of his charisma and ability to get the job done with less deaths. Mac is energetic, lively and boisterous. He tends to like the atmosphere of bars, and brothels when he is off duty and always ends up in some fight. He is considered a good leader, courageous and has the ‘leave no man behind’ policy which he adheres to unwaveringly. He demands his followers do the same if they don’t they incur his wrath.

On a negative side he is moody, and selfish when it comes to personal rewards. Mac cares little about his partners from a personal point, he has a cruel streak that he isn’t afraid to showcase when he feels its called for, and he a has a hot temper that is easy to flame once struck upon.

Social / Romantic

Best Friend(s):
Friend(s): Mac is a loner, though he tends to have a wide circle of people around him he does not however let any one get close to him.

Acquaintance(s): Enemies: Any one who doesn’t let him do his own thing, partners, the law, psychiatric doctors, himself.
Marital Status: Single

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Interest(s): women, booze, the occasional book, the Internet.
Past Relationships: typically, he pays for his partners.
( history ) Mackenzie John Ringgold was born to Jacob and Anne Ringgold, in Chicago IL. Jacob was a police officer in the Chicago police department and Mac Ringgold followed his fathers footsteps. Mac is a licensed P.I. with a degree in criminology. His parents are currently living in New Orleans and his father is retired. Mac has no siblings.

For the most part Macs life was unremarkable, he went to school, college and joined the police force. His entire life is spent working with the law, even though a lot of the time he has a love/hate relationship with it. Mac has been through several rehabilitation stints to dry out his addiction to alcohol and painkillers used to help stop his migraines. All attempts to over come his addictions have failed.

(Randome Facts)

+ A happy time for Mac contains Booze, women, a day where his “fucking head does not feel like it is exploding” bringing in the bad guys, and the occasional quiet time where he gets to be alone.
* Mac has a hairline scar on his lower back which no one knows where/how he got it He likes the colour red and any woman wearing that particular shade of color, tends to get his unyielding attention till he beds her.
* Mac likes to box in the ring and is considered a feather-weight champion.

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Pan Historia Junction
The Midnight People - Out of Print
The Midnight People
Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire - Out of Print

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