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"My name is Freedom. I am of the Niall."

Where Adventure Begins

Saoirse Uí Niall, proud and headstrong daughter of the Northern Uí Niall, left home in the summer of her 15th year, defying her father and refusing to make a marriage contract with one of the noble houses of Leinster.

The youngest of nine and the only female child born into her family, she learned the art of handling a sword as her only means of self-defense in home full of unruly boys. She has used her skills in battle to carve a place for herself as a mercenary in a land of treachery and conquest. She has made for herself a name and amassed a small fortune.

But her travels through distant lands have brought her other knowledge as well, and she has found that her true gift is that of political manipulation. Devoted to the continued growth and power of the Niall, she will do anything to increase the holdings and position of her clan.

Her drive for power, position, and wealth resulted in a marriage to a man so evil that hell itself spat him back out. In a war waged with skill and cunning, it is best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

She escaped the presence of her husband shortly after their wedding, retiring to the safety of Dunollie. She departed that safe haven the following spring, bringing away her husband's precious heir to the safety of her father's house in Fermanagh. There the child has led the idyllic life of a young prince. But now, according the contract she entered all those years ago, it is time to return the boy to his father's lands. What fate awaits him there?

All may be compromised when a debt of honor to an old friend brings her back to Dalriada, where she will risk the exposure of the secret she carries. All may be lost if one man will not remain silent. But for his silence, they will each pay a heavy price.


TO: Ma (Sao) and Da (???)

For my ma and da, whereever she may be; and whomever he may be. And, yeah, hi to AWE.

FROM: Donnchadha


Thanks, cousin Naoise. *sniff* That's so sweet. Ummmm... what's the credit limit? *s*


Gee, thanks Em. *s* I really needed another piggy bank. Hehehe



I was a victim of a random Elvis attack! Not that I minded all that much. ;-)



Summer time... it's magically delicious!



Hats off to Dagger, Kazuhito, and the whole crew at Adventures of the New Teen Titans for a smashing success on the launch of their new novel! Dagger, my real life son, has been a member at Pan for a while now. He's been an entertaining robot boy, a prankster ghost, a stable hand, and can also be found in the Scotia novel as Ayyub ibn Malik ibn Yusuf, along with his faithful side-kick, Sayid the monkey. It's great fun to write with you son, and congrats on launching your first novel at Pan. May you and your young super hero friends have a long and successful run!

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