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Once war leader and tanist of the mighty Mac an Rothaich clan, Fionnlagh has become Righ. Following Rehtaeh's accident, the war leader gathered as much wealth and power as he could unto himself. Now he makes his play for the ultimate authority. With that in his grasp, what can Fate deny a man like Fionnlagh?

Gathering the warriors about him, Fionnlagh has enhanced his reputation with many successful seasons of raiding. Cruithne, Briton, and fellow Scotti have all fallen victim to the war leader's desires and ambitions. Tough and uncompromising, Fionnlagh can be a hard man to please but his success in battle and generosity afterwards have earned him a loyal following. Throughout Scotia the Mac an Rothaich are respected as the fiercest and most cunning warriors, due in large part to the war leader's strict training.

Not all support the war leader in his quest for dominance... Woe unto those who fail him! Vengeance is swift and sure...

Newly arrived at Dunadd, Rhiannon ferch Gwrgi, princess of Catraeth, has caught Fionnlagh's attention. Not only is she a beautiful woman... she can provide the war leader with the prestige and influence necessary to advance his widespread ambitions. Never fear though... the shrewd and intelligent woman has designs of her own!

Having presented Fionnlagh with a child, Ciorstag was once Fionnlagh's favoured companion. As time passed and she suffered a series of miscarriages, Ciorstag lost her place in the war leader's bed. Now she retains her position only by virtue of her daughter, Enid. In desperation, Ciorstag clings to the hope that she can present Fionnlagh with a son. And she must do it soon... lest another supplant her.

As Fionnlagh's only child, Enid may be the one person that he truly loves unconditionally. For her part, she believes that her father is the greatest of warriors. Proud though he is of his precocious and lively daughter, the Righ still needs a son to fulfill his ambitions.

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Rhiannon ferch Gwrgi
Einion Mac an Rothaich
Kirin Beaglaoich
Esyllt ferch Gwrgi
Dairine cenel nComgaill
Burk Mac an Rothaich
Finnian Mac an Rothaich
Criosa cenel nGabhran
Muirgel cenel nGabhran
Cadwaladr MacRoth
Eleri Mac an Rothaich
Coailinn Mac an Rothaich
Etain Ui Niall
Loegaire mac Daigh
Sioltach mac Ardal
Brigit from Kincara
Briallen Ui Niall
Aoife Ui Niall
Artgal map Rhun
Kennocha Mac an Rothaich
Bran Mac an Rothaich
Angaret Mac an Rothaich
Rioghnach Urchurdan
Maeve Ui Niall
Nisien map Tegryn
Geraint map Gwallawc
Rohan Mac an Rothaich
Bronwen ferch Cynmarc
Brigid Mac an Rothaich
Emer Mac an Rothaich
Regan cenel nGabhran
Nial cenel nGabhran
Connor Mac an Rothaich
Anya cenel nGabhran
Sarane Mac an Rothaich
Gwyneira ferch Meredydd

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All For One: Tales of the Musketeers - Out of Print

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A gripping tale of suspense!
Dec 15, 2014 07:05 pm
Expertly told!
May 07, 2014 11:57 am
Awesome! A tour de force brutal justice!
Jun 30, 2012 08:35 pm
A Delightfully Amusing Piece of Whimsey!
Feb 28, 2012 06:47 pm
You provide an amazing glimpse of tender emotions unexpected in the fierce warrior. Nicely done!
Feb 28, 2012 06:29 pm

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