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Sebastian LaCroix: Born in 1784 in Paris, of what family and rank in society is unknown nor is the information shared by the Prince. He joined Napoleon’s army at the young age of 14 in 1798 at the start of the war with the the “Second Coalition” LaCroix rose through the ranks quickly to reach a rank of Capitaine By the start of the Russian Campaign in 1812. His last battle was Waterloo (1815), a battle in which he narrowly escaped alive. With the witnessing of death and destruction after 17 years of war, Sebastian had decided to abandon his military career and pursue wealth through trade... The quick accumulation of wealth had attracted the Paris Ventrue to LaCroix and he was embraced in the summer of 1819 by the legendary Ventrue Elder Lucien.

Sebastian had taken to being kindred as seriously as anything else in his life as a Kine, He quickly became an important member of the Paris Camarilla. By the turn of the 20th Century he was both an influential figure and a powerful vampire. He moved to Los Angeles in 1939 after coordinating with the London Camarilla over the division of power in the city. Today, the name LaCroix is a brand name for oversea shipping to Kine, and a resonating powerful sound among the Los Angeles Kindred.

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