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Verily I believe Thee, O Mazda Ahura,
to be the Supreme Benevolent Providence.
For I behold Thee as the primeval source of creation.
For by Thy perfect wisdom Thou shalt render just
recompense for all actions,
Good to the good, evil to the evil,
At the last turning of creation.

O, Ahura Mazda

When I recall the countless benefits of life that thou, in thy manifold goodness, dost confer upon me, my heart glows with devotion for thee. Let goodness be a part of my being, my very nature. Let it grow in me from day unto day. Let my goodness be habitual and instinctive. Let me think goodness, speak goodness, and do goodness. Let me hunger and thirst after goodness.

Help me to be good, but help me, my Heavenly Father, to make others good. Help me to play my part, however humble, in the diffusion of goodness. Let my prayer in deeds of goodness to others ever follow my prayer in words to thee.

I pray unto thee to make me good before I ask thee to make me great. If I cannot court greatness, my God, let me not go without goodness. Help me to be great in goodness, even though lowly I be in greatness. Mortal are greatness and glory on earth, but goodness is immortal, and goodness alone at death, will accompany my soul to heaven, Ahura Mazda.

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