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In Rome: The Power and the Glory:

Roman women were expected to sit and weave, while little credit has ever been given to their behind the scenes work in politics. Salonina is a Roman patrician woman, but nothing is ever ordinary when it comes to her. She is well educated for a woman of her time, and is not as soft spoken as she is expected. Passionate yet poised, powerful yet dignified, she is force to be reckoned with.

Salonina has just given birth to a son. His conception was the result of an ambitious political move by Salonina to persuade the Terbus Curius Malleus to help restore the Republic. She will be continuing her influencing of the political arena and using her son as leverage on the Consul Terbus Curius Malleus.

A Valentine's Day Present from Terbus!

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Rome: The Power & The Glory
Zone : History
The Pan Millionaire's Club

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Kiss the Cook
The Craft Faire
The Symposia

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Salonina's Intangible Tangents

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The Three Lanterns
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Souvenir de la Mal Maison - Out of Print
Rome: The Power & The Glory
Zone : History

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