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Full Name -- Colt Ashlen McRaven
Birth Date -- May 5, 2110
Birth Place -- New Los Angeles, NorAmSec
Age -- 40
Race -- Caucasian
Hair Color -- Dark brown with hints of gold
Hair Style -- Just past collar length, feathers back
Shape and Features of Face -- see above
Eye Color -- Grey
Skin Tone -- clear, tanned
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- None
Build or Body Type -- Slightly stocky, muscular
Height -- 6' 1"
Weight -- 180

Family and Childhood

Mother -- Laura Elizabeth McRaven, born May 5, 2085
Father -- Stafford Blackrock, b. June 12, 2070, d. April 4, 2139
Mother's Occupation -- World famous sculptor
Father's Occupation -- CEO/owner of Blackrock Combine
Family Finances -- Hers, financially independent. His, beyond description and on the rise as Man moves Outward.
Brothers -- By Laura, none. By Stafford, a number of fellow 'Blackrock bastards', in addition to his legitimate sons, Luchan and Marchan.
Sisters -- By Laura, none. By Stafford, two among the illegitimate set.
Other Close Family -- Some cousins on Laura's side, t.b.d.
Best Friend -- Mike Countshan
Other Friends -- More like acquaintances
Pets -- none
Home Life During Childhood -- Generally happy. Sculpted by Stafford.
Any Sports or Clubs -- tennis, polo
Schooling -- private, and only the best
Favorite Subject -- Architecture; otherwise, anything Stafford indicated he should study.
Popular or Loner -- Loner by nature, but cultivated group relationships (always as the 'leader') per Stafford's wishes.
Important Experiences or Events -- Several
Health Problems -- Gluten-intolerant
Culture -- NorAmSec
Religion -- Pleasing Stafford

Your Character's Character

Bad Habits -- A few, all carefully molded by Stafford
Strong Points -- Intelligent, forceful, decisive
Temperament -- Calm
Attitude -- Shows hints of arrogance every now and then
Weakness -- Sensitive to being called 'bastard'. Has come to blows with other children over it many times.
Fears -- Fear of disappointing Stafford in any way.
Secrets -- His paternity, which is not public knowledge.
Regrets -- Not being publicly acknowledged as Stafford's son.
Feels Vulnerability When -- Refuses to admit the feeling.
Pet Peeves -- Being told no.
Conflicts -- Balancing his passion, architecture, with some of the requirements of being first Stafford's, then Luchan's, private family agent on Tellus.
Motivation -- Family pride--despite his illegitimacy, Colt is proud to be a Blackrock.
Goals and Hopes -- To have his children grow up within the Blackrock family; to leave an architectural legacy as lasting as the giants in the field.
Sexuality -- Hetero
Exercise Routine -- vigorous--martial arts, weight training, etc.
Speech -- Articulate
Day or Night Person -- both
Introvert or Extrovert -- introvert by nature, extrovert by social training.
Optimist or Pessimist -- realist

Likes and Styles

Music -- Classical; instrumental
Books -- non-fiction
Foods -- eats only gluten-free foods
Drinks -- in extreme moderation
Animals -- except for horses, they're best viewed from a distance
Sports -- tennis, polo
Social Issues -- Helps create them
Color -- grey
Clothing -- only the best
Jewelry -- a signet ring given him by Stafford on his eighteenth birthday.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now

Home -- Has residences in a number of key Tellurian cities. Primary residence is Kingsley Ranch.
Household furnishings -- the best
Favorite Possession -- The signet ring and his family
Neighborhood -- the planet
Town or City Name -- Gurneyville, CA, NorAmSec
Details of Town or City -- Rural, a farm/ranch community, spread out over some prime country.
Married -- Yes. His wife is Kathryn Ann Kingsley, owner of Kingsley Ranch.
Children -- A son: Ford Kingsley McRaven, 17; a daughter: Kathryn Laura McRaven, 10
Relationship with Family -- Excellent. Colt is a devoted family man.
Best Friend -- Mike Countshan
Other Friends -- not really
Car -- several, both four-wheel and hover...
Pets -- him, none. The kids, several
Career -- Architecture
Dream Career -- has it
Dream Life -- The only thing that would make his life better than it already is, is public acknowledgement of his paternity.
Sports or Clubs -- tennis, polo
Talents -- A gifted architect; does well at whatever he turns his hand to.
Finances -- No worries
Health Problems -- Gluten intolerant
Culture -- NorAmSec
Religion -- furthering Blackrock Combine goals

Your Character's Life…Before Your Story

Past Careers -- none.
Past Lovers -- many, but no children through them, he took very great care there
Biggest Mistakes -- isn't aware of any.
Biggest Achievements -- to date, the Welter-Scasslaw Building in Rio de Janeiro

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