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Hi, I'm The Lord. Welcome to my house. I real house, not ...the house of the Lord. You know what I mean. Verily, I say unto thee help yourself unto a coke or Sierra Mist in the fridge and make yourself at home.

Emmanuel...I really thought it would be received better.

What part of humbleness was so hard to understand?

In the Salem Novel:

Here you can find the office of the Lord. Its here that I monitor the activity of the universe.

I don't go it alone. I have a very diverse staff.

Gifts & Treasures

If any of these gifts came from you, please remind me. Jesus saved but forgot to record the giver!

a gift! Artist unknown.

Thanks to The Angel of Death
for this heavenly tag!

Feel free to use it on your own home or profile.

Even God gets tired of robes and sandals, check out the the gift of cool threads from Hatshepsut: Dress Up Jesus


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