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The second son of the Weisheit family of technicians. At the age of seven, he broke the record for being the youngest child to enter the Vareth Magic Institute. Because of his intellect, he is very quick to correct people when they are mistaken.

Born and raised in Germany, Genius has agreed to attend Beauxbatons Academy as a Foriegn Exchange student. But Genius is rarely ever stuck up, he's a very quiet teenager who just wants to get through life. But not as 'the intelligent friendless boy' who sits in the shadows. As much as he desperately wants to be noticed by others, he doesn't ever approach students because he is unsure of what to say and is very shy around strangers.

But ever since he met Sora Hearts, he's become quite snappy.

Genius is half Wizard and Half elf on his mother's side, giving him the ability to walk on water and snow (plus jump great heights), see great distances and hear what no others can hear. His eyes are a piercing amber, but his ears are only pointy during a full moon. He is a very lightweight person and sometimes finds himself speaking in an entirely different language. He also has an unknown ability to heal other's of sickness and any other form of illness. Not truely aware of his gift, his body unknowingly heals itself of any fault whenever any form of injury occurs.

Centauria Château

Thank you Kingdom Hearts!

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