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Games Bronze Medal


In the Loyalist & Patriot: The Fight for Freedom Novel:

For information on the real Selwyn.

In the Time Lords novel:

My contributions...

2006-06-01 19:10:13 (King Philippe's Court) Prayers
2006-08-03 00:36:59 (King Philippe's Court) The King Will Not Be Disuaded
2006-08-21 01:53:16 (Rennes-le-Château) Unholy Atmosphere
2007-01-09 05:15:32 (Rennes-le-Château) The Demon's Work
2007-01-09 05:39:57 (Rennes-le-Château) Interview with a Demon
2007-04-04 03:34:18 (Rennes-le-Château) The Answer is at the Abbey
2007-04-30 21:01:56 (Rennes-le-Château) Rescue and Escape
2007-05-03 23:35:21 (King Philippe's Court) I Must Speak!
2007-05-09 22:46:03 (Bourges) Live a Good Life

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
You are 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'. You take
Christmas very seriously. For you, it is a
religious festival, celebrating the birth of
the Saviour, and its current secularisation
really irritates you. You enjoy the period of
Advent leading up to Christmas, and attend any
local carol services you can find, as well as
the more contemplative Advent church services
each Sunday. You may be involved in Christmas
food collections or similar charity work. The
midnight service at your church, with candles
and carols, is one you look forward to all
year, and you also look forward to the family
get together on Christmas Day.

What Christmas Carol are you?
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Bootstrap Bill Turner

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Beyond The Stars - Out of Print
At World's End - Out of Print

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