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   I was born at my family's home, Castle Caldwell, near Paisley, Scotland.. My father, Lord Alexander, doted upon me, his only child, as he also doted upon and spoiled his wife, my mother, Margaret. As a result, my every whim was indulged, my every fancy provided. When I expressed interest in learning, my father hired a tutor, who was very handsomely paid to ignore the fact that his only pupil was naught but a female. Mr. Lillywhite taught me French, Spanish and Latin, mathematics, read to me from the classics and expanded my horizons far beyond the hills of my ancestral home. Perhaps this is why, when I heard the news that the neighboring estate, vacant for some years, had been gifted by the Crown to a favored courtier, I was most curious to discover his identity. Rumor had it that Lord Barbarossa was actually one of the fearsome Barbarossa pirates! Out for a ride one day, surveying his new lands, Lord Barbarossa spotted me racing my horse horse at breakneck speeds across his property. He followed chase, but I out rode him and lost him in the forest. My beauty and bravery intrigued the Lord, who made inquiries through his man of affairs to discover my identity. Once determined, he arranged to meet my parents and ask for a meeting with me. They refused, as he was not a Christian. I, however, was listening from my hiding place above the Great Hall, and was fascinated by the boldness of the Lord. I thus snuck out to meet him as he was leaving. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight, however, my faith would not allow me to marry an Infidel. To win me, Lord Barbarossa converted to Christianity, which further endeared him to the local populace who had been quite leery of the Muslim pirate in their midst. As soon as he converted, we were wed. The lure of the sea proved too strong for my lord, so soon after our marriage, he returned to his old ways. I, however, had my way, and stowed away on his ship, The Golden Cat. Imagine his surprise upon finding me in his cabin! And so, we sail together, and I find that 'tis indeed a pirate's life for me!

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers

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