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Games Bronze Medal

In The Western Trail:

Howdy. Name's Zeb Valentine. Done been a buffler hunter a whiles now, but buffler's gettin' scarce on the plains these days. Done clean cleared 'em out.

Hamilton Bell, owner of Ham Bell's Varieties, Deputy Marshal of Dodge City

Robert Wright, of Wright, Beverly & Co.

Deputy Chester Goode

Deputy Joe Mason

Charles "Charlie" Bassett, Dodge City Sheriff

"the varmint what shot Zeb Valentine...."

Rest In Pieces, Jess, bank robber
died April 1, 1875

Bill Tlghman

The Posse

Lefty LaRue

In Tombstone:

Harold Winslow

Sir Reginald Murkenwood, Bart., British subject, world traveller, at your service.

in disguise in Tombstone

Tommy Rogers

Jase Rogers

Nat Love, AKA Deadwood Dick

Josh Givens

Bill Tubby

Sheriff's Deputy Frank Stilwell

Dr. George E. Goodfellow
And as needed: Naiche

In The New Commonwealth Novel: Commander Riche, of Nouvei

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The Western Trail - Out of Print
Zone : Westerns
The New Commonwealth - Out of Print

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Wild West

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Jan 2009

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