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Rhiannon of Catraeth, the daughter of Gwrgi ap Eliffer, Rex Ebraucorum… son of Eliffer Gosgorddfawr (Of the Great Army)… son of Einion… son of Mor, Dux Brittanorum… son of Cenau… son of Coel Hen, renowned for his good rule! Her uncle Peredyr Arueu Dur (Steel Arms) was known for his prowess throughout all Britain! Her cousin Perfawr is the wife of Rhun Hir of Gwynedd. The blood of her ancestors runs through the royal families of Rheged and Elmet!

In the Scotia Novel:

After the Angles defeated her father and uncle in the battle of Caer Greu and captured Catraeth, Rhiannon fled with her cousin Gwgaun. Together they traveled around Britain trying to gain the necessary support to retake Catraeth. On their way to Rheged they were ambushed by a band of Angle warriors intent on abducting Rhiannon and delivering her to their king. Separated from her cousin during the battle, Rhiannon managed to find her way to Dunadd with the help of her faithful maid, Igerna.

Disguising herself as a serving girl in the local tavern, Rhiannon caught the eye of the war leader, Fionnlagh Mac an Rothaich. After becoming Fionnlagh’s lover, Rhiannon revealed her true identity to him.

Now Fionnlagh has become Righ of the Mac an Rothaich and has recognized Rhiannon as Catraeth’s princess. With his power and ambition will the Righ be able to restore her kingdom to her?

While Fionnlagh plots how best to use the girl to increase his own power, Rhiannon works on achieving her own desires. Deeply in love with the Righ, Rhiannon must somehow find a way to win Fionnlagh’s affection and keep her place in his bed.

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All For One: Tales of the Musketeers - Out of Print

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For the great job developing the relationship between her and her maid!
Apr 13, 2010 05:15 am
Best Reception of An Uninvited Visitor
October 2008

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