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The Century of Chaos

Aura is supposedly an Empress. Not just any Empress mind you, but the wife of Emperor Gnaeus Caelius. She is often accused of eating too much, but only by her jealous husband (everything he eats goes straight to that cute little pot belly of his) and his faithful servant, Dombonius. Gnaeus does not, however, object to Aura's other voracious appetites.

Aura wasnt sure she wanted to marry her husband. He was known all over Rome to be a cheapskate. He is very miserly with his money and would keep her in rags if he had his choice. It is a good thing her father was modern in his thinking and left her his fortune...Much to his consternation, Gnaeus can not touch it. When she was told by her pater that he had arranged her marriage to Gnaeus, Aura threatened to run away. But her pater was firm. It was a good political arrrangement and besides...her father told her...Rome needed her to guide her husband's hand. Being a good Roman woman, she agreed to meet Gnaeus. Aura's litter pulled up to the palace and she was met by the Emperor himself...and at once...she looked into his eyes and saw her soul. It was enough. Aura gives her husband a hard time, but that is so he doesnt get a big head and realize how much she loves him. For she truly does...toujours.

Soul Mates

Old souls are we It so seems
Long lost in time's stream.
What were we in eons past?
A question we often ask.

Was I a king and you my queen,
Or could this notion be a dream?
Was I a knight and you my maiden,
Or our imagination heavy laden?

Was I a ship captain and you my wife,
Or just a shared dream of fabled life?
Was I a poet and you my lost love,
Or could this be answer from above.

Whatever the case we have at last,
Rejoined our lost souls from the past.
All we must do to secure our fate,
Is stay together past time's late.

Written By R. D. McManes

Gnaeus Caelius

Regna omnia sunt nihil, sine amore et labore feminarum

A wonderful gift from Dr. Aithne Cornelius

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"When he apologizes, I will forgive him." A great premise in a wonderful post!
May 30, 2011 02:55 am
To: Aura Caelius and Century of Chaos and the Loyal Writers.
Sep 28, 2009 03:41 pm

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