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In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

In the Alas, the Folly of Man Novel:

     Lady Linda Shaw of Orange is a former marine and one of the earliest inmates at the Quaker Run Research Institute. After the revolt turned Quaker Run into St. Alphonso's, Lady Linda alternated between time at Fort Niagara with sometime husband C.O. Jones and working and studying at St. Alphonso's.

In the Plane of the Ecliptic Novel – Catspaw Pirates Story:

     A plain looking, non-descriptive denizen of Puzzikat Five, Linda Shaw usually blends into the background of tourists traveling about the worlds of the civilized peoples. She dresses plainly. Visits all the interesting places buying trinkets and guide books. She carries an expensive camera but takes horridly uninteresting pictures. Stays in moderately priced accommodations and doesn't get out to sample the trendier nightlife, restaurants, or parties. But she does have the most amazing habit of being on planet when the most sensational assassinations occur. A trend a fast rising prosecutor on Illuminous Three with much higher political ambitions has decided should be pursued.

In the Twilight 2000 Novel:

     Corporal Linda Shaw, USMC was part of a heavy weapons squad making up one element of a Force Recon observation group. The Marines were loosely attached to the Louisiana National Guard’s 256th Brigade as a strong NATO force advanced into central Poland. Except the Soviets had an even stronger force waiting for them. Caught up in the confusion of the crushing defeat, the small Marine force was overrun by a strong unit of Soviet cavalry and scattered.

     Being separated from the main group was bad enough. But then Corporal Shaw found the battle wasn’t done with her. Her small group was picked off one-by-one until Linda found herself alone. Wounded herself, she faced a battlefield crawling with enemies between her and her goal. Can she make it to one of the designated rally points for the Marines? Will any of the other Marines make it there even if she does? Only time will tell the tale.

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Pan Historia Junction
Alas, the Folly of Man
Zone : Horror
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print

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US Marine with the Emptiest Gun
April 2007

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