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Article from the Athenian Tribune

Athens’ Own Royal!

Athens 23th of April, by Atheena Gossipulous

Today the lovely Atalante Xanthippos, resident of our metropolis, married the future king of Alba Longa, prince Cimbrius Junius. Royalism not being the order of the day here in Athens it was the society event of the year. It’s a fairy tale like never been written. Living life as a normal Athenian girl, training hard for the Herae, Atalante one day decided she wanted to see more of the world and joined the Delian League. Teaming up with those hard working men and women in the capacity of spy she saved out homes more than once. During one of these missions she met the handsome prince Cimbrius. Eventhough Roman by birth a very sophisticated male being and every girls’ dream. During the last battle in the war against the Persians he realized his undying love for her and in the heat of the moment proposed. And this gives Athens her first royal in ages, Princess Atalante!
For a detailed report of the wedding see page IV.
For the most romantic story of the century see the Saturday Extra section


Of course things didn’t go as rosesmell and moonlighty as miss Gossipulous claims. First of all I never wanted to see anything of the world per se, I just didn’t want to stay at home with my dictator father. And if CJ would see an article referring to himself as ‘prince’ so often he would be mortified, hating the whole royal thing as he does. As for me, I don’t care to be a princess, as long as I can be with my prince. Currently that means being captives together of some garlic smelling pirates. If it weren’t for the smell it would be a nice island hopping holiday.

I hope someone reminds to feed the cats while I’m away. Let me give you a short introduction. The grumpy one is Radja, my loyal tiger friend. The adorable cubs are all hers. Princess is CJ’s favourite, or maybe it’s the other way around. The other two, LillyPilly and Tsarina live with friends but keep coming back looking for food.

The latest extra in our zoo is Mozes, the cutest, if not cowardly, dog in the world. Found him at a market during our honeymoon.

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