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Welcome to my domus. I am Marcus Julius Festus, favored son of the honored Julii family and Senator of Rome. Please take a moment to look around.

The long line of Julii has been honored for centuries. Some of my ancestors are the Caesars of Rome, and the rest are wealthy noblemen and matronas of great power and wit.

I have over 250 slaves, with 10 concubines in my harem here in Rome, all boys, and I will never be rid of them.

As for my social life, as I have already said, I am a Senator, and I conduct many lavish parties, vote on important legislation while passing some of my own, keep my enemies closest to me and yet at knifepoint, and keep my friends close with bribes and other such gifts... threats, if all else fails.

I am also Tribunus of the Praetorian Guard, under the direct command of Justus Julius Justinian, my honored cousin, and Praefectus of the Praetorian Guard.

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