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My name is SenibRe Hatshepsut, brother to KhenumRa, Mayor of Waset; to Menefertaten, Nebet of the Qenbet and to Satra, our youngest sister who serves Pharoah MaatibRe Nesnut personally.

I've done my time in Her Majesty's Armies, and have served Her loyally ( Ankh,Udja,Seneb!); now I am the manager of the family's ancient and honorable business, the Hatshepsut Stud Farm.

I've led an adventurous life protecting the Per'Aa and our beloved Kemet. I've been told by many women that I am quite handsome, however I have yet to meet the woman I want to marry. My life raising and training the best horses in Kemet leaves little time for the subtle arts of seduction or courtship.

I can be identified by the carnelian beads I wear in my hair, as can be those who serve me- a family practice started generations past to discern which servants worked for whom.

The Hatshepsut Stud, the family business, are the breeders of Kemet's finest horses. On the outskirts of Waset, our family has been raising and training horses for generations. I'm proud to say Her Majesty is the chief buyer of our stock, and Her patronage is our honor and pleasure.

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The Children of God's Body - Out of Print
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies

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UsermaatRa Ramesses
Allard Greybourne
Estarfigam the Memphite
Valjean Michel DAlembert
Amanda Hart
Tjeti Priest
Kelly Silver Wise

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