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My Name is Korannis...
and I am an Immortal.

       Born in 2250 BCE in Scythia- a land that would later be known as the Land of the Amazons- I was raised and taught to be a warrior priestess of our tribe's Horse Goddess, Resh.

      In my twenty-first year, a savage band of marauders attacked and killed everything in their path. Men, women,and children fell beneath their weapons; entire villages were slaughtered. Then they arrived at our gates. Despite my family's mightiest warriors, everyone in my village was killed. That included me.

       Raped then ran through with his sword by their despicable leader, I begged revenge from my Goddess as I died...and She heard me! By Her Will I lived again, to kill their leader as he celebrated his terrible victory in my own Mother's hall. As my Goddess' Avatar (or so I thought) I killed every last man there and revenge was mine- yet it did not bring back my family, nor my tribe. Alone,but grateful to be alive, I traveled through many places and eventually found myself in the Land Between the Two Rivers- the great Babylon.

       Once there, I was discovered by Prince Zakib, who was also an Immortal. He explained why I felt the bothersome buzz whenever he was near, why I never seem to die, and taught me the ways of The Game; when I left him, I was a wiser woman, with much skill and experience upon me. As his parting gift, he gave me a sword forged from the metal of a star that had fallen from the heavens. It's beauty is unique, and it's strength has never failed me.

        These days, I travel across Europe, touring with my Medieval Tournament Show company, Tournaments, Inc. I have a villa on the extreme outskirts of Rome,at the foot of the mighty Monte Cavo, where once I trained as a Gladiator. Located on sacred ground, it is a haven for me, as well as my Immortal friends who would seek it's refuge.

        In these times, my enemies may be few...but my friends are fewer still. One never knows when the slice of a blade will end another life, and the bright blast of the Quickening shall empower ; the Gathering comes, and in the end, there can be only One...

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