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In the Babylon 6 Novel:

Who am I?

My name is Lyndissi Vallko (nee Maray). I was born on Centauri Prime on the continent of Xonos. Xonos was the continent where the Xon had lived, until they were exterminated by the Centauri over 1500 years ago. I was born in the outskirts of Xonos' capital city. My branch of the family has been on Xonos since the first Xon Wars. My family were sailors and farmers back then. Actually, many of my family still are sailors and farmers. My father, Andilo Maray, was the first in his family to get an advanced education. He went on to get a position in the Xonos branch of the Centauri Historical Guild. When my father was promoted to the rank of Chief Researcher in the Centauri Historical Guild my family and I moved to the capital city of Centauri Prime.

I am not the typical Centauri lady. While other Centauri women spend their time learning about fashion and how to get a husband, my sisters and I followed the example of our scholarly father and learned about the history of the Centauri Republic. I know all about prehistoric Centauri beliefs (which focused on animalian or animal-Centauri deities) and about the Carmine Wars of the third century AD and the Xon Wars (which ended with the destruction of the physically stronger but less advanced Xon around 500 AD). I have spent many hours reading about the deification of many of the leaders of the Xon Wars and how others went on to be leaders of the Centaurum, the new ruling council. The first Centaurum was ruled by Emperor Kiro, who had become the first emperor after consulting with three Technomages.

My parents tried to prepare me for my future role as a wife. They encouraged me to take up dancing as a means of getting a good husband. Although my parents encouraged me to learn banquet or "harem" dancing, I prefer the intricate and stylized routines of classical Court dancing. Humans who have watched this ancient style of dance have compared it to royal Indian and Thai dancing from Earth. I also know dances from my native continent, although dances from Xonos are not highly regarded in much of Centauri Prime.

My skill at dancing nearly got me in trouble. I almost became the second wife of a prominent Centauri businessman, who shall remain nameless (shudder). Then the wonderful Kiron Vallko made a last minute proposal. Kiron is a young politician's assistant.

Kiron Vallko comes from a historic family. Vallko's ancestors were part of the Centauri crew that first met the Minbari and Vorlons in the Batain system. His family did well while the Centauri Republic was at its height, during the 1700s to 1900s. But they, like other Centauri houses, fared less well as the Republic began to disintegrate and as the subject peoples rebelled. Vallko's ancestors were involved in a minor way when the Centauri enslaved the "barbarian" Narn in 2110. House Turhan also did well with their Narn estates. The Vallko fortunes declined again when the Centauri lost the Eye of the Empire, the symbol of the Empire, at the Battle of Na'Shok in 2160.

Vallko's ancestors were greatly involved with the trade arrangements with the new-found humans in 2198. Jumpgate technology and other non-military technologies were exchanged for native trinkets, such as Earther music, late Rennaissance and Baroque music, Earther literature, and poker. These novelty items amused the Centauri back home.

Vallko's family was only mildly affected by the Centauri withdrawal from Narn and other worlds. They, along with other families, secrectly supported the humans during the Minbari-Earth war, giving them everything but weapons. Emperor Turhan canceled Centauri plans to invade Earth, made concessions to the Narn, and emphasized diplomacy over conquest. House Vallko did well under Emperor Turhan, but the family fell on hard times in the aftermath of the Drakh infestation of Centauri Prime.

Kiron Vallko is one of the new generation of Centauri who believe in what Emperor Cotto is attempting to do in Centauri Prime. He is one of the Radicals, who believes that one should marry for love, not social position. That was why he was willing to marry me, even though I do not come from a wealthy family. Like me, he is interested in scholarly pursuits and in removing the political fictions from our history.

Life was difficult on Centauri Prime. My husband's radical ways angered those at court. He was accused of consorting with enemies of Centauri Prime. Emperor Cotto was unable to protect him. So we have been exiled from Centauri space. After the Drakh Wars, the Centauri are not very popular. Many do not believe that it was the Drakh who were in control of Centauri Prime during the dark days of the Drakh Wars. We have come to Babylon 6 in the hopes that we can find a home for ourselves in the neutral territory of Epsilon 3.

We are accompanied in our exile by our daughter, Turhana, named after Emperor Turhan and a son, Beyon, named after Emperor Turhan's young son who died in 2252 in a boating accident.

What do I want?

I want to find a better fortune on Babylon 6. I have come here because of my husband, Kiron Vallko. As a good Centauri wife, I follow my husband wherever he goes. I want to create a better life for my children, Turhana and Beyon. I want to change Centauri society so there is a place for my children to grow. There should be room in Centauri society for those who seek knowledge rather than power. And I would like to return to Centauri Prime one day.

Whom do I serve and whom do I trust?

I trust my family, my parents, sisters, my husband, and my children. Whom do I serve? Well, I guess I serve my family. And I try to serve the Centauri who will come after me.

(Inspired by information in the Encyclopedia Xenobiologica).

In New Tales from Middle Earth

I am a Numenorean sea voyager, the daughter of Lyndorie. My country parents thought that "Lyndissi" was the correct spelling for the "high" Numenorean name, "Lindissi". My family have a farm along the river Nunduine near the lake of Nisinen in the rich lands of southern Andustar (western Numenor). There grow many fragrant trees and plants that came out of the West: oiolaire, lairelosse, nessamelda, vardarianna, taniquelasse, yavannamire, and even malinorne. I grew up in the fair country, but I was close enough to Eldalonde to visit often. So I grew up with the tales of the Eldar in my veins. When I was old enough I moved to fabled Eldalonde where I became a minstrel and sailor. But the Numenorean ships of Eldalonde can not travel so far from west of Numenor as to lose sight of land. So now I have come to the royal port of Romenna to seek passage on an ocean-going vessel that can explore the distant lands to the north, east, and south.

From Tolkien's Unfinished Tales.

In Star Wars: The Saga


Lyndissi Shysa Valarian was born on Coruscant. According to family tradition, she was descended from the ancient Taungs who had battled the people of Zhell over 25,000 years ago. Along with many Coruscanti families, her family had become rich during the development of hyperdrive technology. Her family was now spread out throughout the known universe although her family had lost track of her kin millennia ago. Most of the manufacturing was now done off Coruscant. More recently, Lyndissi's family had been involved in mining the Coruscant ice caps for water and in research designed to improve the quality of Coruscant's orbital mirrors and recycling facilities.

Lyndissi Shysa Valarian worked at the Galactic Zoo and the Coruscant Historical and Preservation Society. The Galactic Zoo was well supported under the Jedi and the Old Republic. The Jedi always received high marks from the Coruscant Historical and Preservation Society for its tradition of preserving earlier structures and natural features in the Jedi Temple. The Jedi had supported and expanded the old Galactic Zoo out of respect for all life. Lyndissi had made many trips under the Old Republic to gather more animals for the Zoo.

The Galactic Zoo was less well supported under the Empire. The Emperor was concerned only about maintaining the Galactic Zoo as a showcase for the Empire. The Coruscant Historical and Preservation Society, Lyndissi's pride and joy, also fell on rough times under the Emperor. The Emperor allowed it to continue but only under the name of the Coruscant Historical Society. Preservation was no longer part of its mandate.

Lyndissi's twin sister, Liana Shysa, worked at the Galactic Museum. This insitution had also fallen on hard times during the Clone Wars and the Empire. Museum workers had to walk a tight line between truth as they saw it and politically correct truth in their museum exhibits. Liana' first job had been with the Senate Library. The Old Senate Library was founded in 25,000 BBY.

Lyndissi's younger sister, Kantarra Shysa, was a noted singer of the University of Coruscant Choir, which was part of the Coruscant School of Music. She sang in the alumni choir. She could sing in a variety of languages and styles. Her first job had been with Flying Thranta Riding School that was attached to the Galactic Zoo. She still liked to ride there sometimes. The Thrantas originally came from Alderaan.

Lyndissi's brother, Kyp Shysa, worked in the Mrlsst Planetary University on Mrlsst in the Mennaalii system in the Tapani Sector. The Tapani Sector was part of the Colonies but it was traditionally treated as part of the Core Worlds, such as Alderaan, Chandrila, and Coruscant itself. The native Mrlssi were short beings descended from plumed avians. The Mrlssi were noted for their gift for physics and abstract reasoning. But Lyndissi's brother was very intelligent too and he was able to keep up. Lyndissi loved to visit her brother and his family amidst the greenstalk forests of Mrlsst.

Lyndissi's sister-in-law, Melenna Unduli, was from Mirial. The Mirialans joined the Old Republic by 3951 BBY. Their home world was cold and dry, rather like Coruscant. The people were near-humans with green skin and tattooed faces.

Lyndissi's parents worked at one of Coruscant's planet-wide universities, the University of Yabol Opa. They lived in the Manarai Heights district.

Lyndissi lived far from the politics of Galactic City, which was now known as Imperial City. Her home was in Coruscant's northern hemisphere in land reclaimed from the retreating northern polar ice cap. Being newly reclaimed, the land had been cheap. Lyndissi's home was actually on the native soil of Coruscant, a feature Lyndissi treasured. But the City had grown up around her and there were now two levels above her. Still, three levels wasn't bad for Coruscant. She even had a small patio that opened up to the sky. She kept an environmental force field over the top of her patio to keep out the freezing temperatures. Her patio was full of D'ian orchid vines, which were known across the galaxy for their beautiful blossoms and fragrance, and plants from the greenstalk forests of Mrlsst. Her home was decorated with holograms and old-fashioned paintings of ancient Coruscant, when the planet had two main continents and few cities, as well as ancient sites from other planets. She had images of the petrified Mounds of Killiks on Alderaan, which had been left by an unknown alien race, and images from the long-destroyed Knossa spaceport on Ossus. Ossus had been the first home of the Jedi. She also had wall hangings that imitated the mosaics of the Jedi Temple on Ossus.

She shared her home with her husband, Nichos Valarian, and her children. Her husband was from Chandrila. Chandrila was one of the quietest of the Core Worlds and Lyndissi and her family went there when they wanted to get away from the City. She had two daughters, Manaraia and Kirana, and a son, Caelian.

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