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Ksuyeya appears as a very tall ( 6'1") Native Indian woman in her late twenties. She has long black hair she keeps, usually, in a tight french braid. Her eyes are green as a human; gold as a wolf.
She's rarely seen in the daytime, and the night is her element . She doesn't speak much- being taught that it was better to listen- but she does have her moments.Folks who have had the fortune- or misfortune- of knowing her know she is a woman of courage, loyalty and honor. She has few acquaintances, and even fewer friends.
Born on the Lakota reservation in Browning, Montana, her heritage is one of Lakota medicine women and war chiefs; her lineage, one of ancient lycanthropy and the Pack. She has inherited all the attributes of her ancestors and then some, her upbringing full of ancient trials and tests to hone her warrior's skills. From birth, she was trained to become a Hunter /Executioner of the Lycaon Society. Her wolf is large, gray with black accents (ears, muzzle, legs, tail and hair tips), and of the Great Plains variety.
In the Society's world, she's something of a lone wolf- an unusual creature given the nature of wolves to stay in a pack- but one essential to the Society's needs. She does the bidding of the Lycaon Society; whatever they command is hers to do, whether it's to uphold Lycaon Law, or to carry out the sentence of death to lawbreakers. For Ksuyeya, her job is an honor, and her honor is to serve as the Society sees fit.
City life doesn't sit well with Ksuyeya, and when she can, she will go camping in Big Sur, or in the Sierras. She contributes to many wildlife charities such as Defenders of Wildlife and The World Wildlife Federation. She lives in an apartment right up the street, north of the Lycaon Society brownstone, in San Francisco proper.

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Good characterization
Sep 12, 2015 02:11 pm
Great description
May 25, 2013 04:09 pm

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