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Lei Ni-Chang

The Bride with White Hair

syh jyr wu

On a snow-capped mountain one man waits for a flower to bloom. This is no ordinary flower however, it only blooms once every two decades and is reputed to revive the person who takes it. This is told by the Emperor's men, who are on a mission to retrieve the flower for their dying leader. The man on the mountain-top is having none of this and kills them all. One of the men's last words are "Who is more important than the Emperor" to which the mysterious man answers "A woman."

My Korean Heart

It is better to go three days without food.
Then one day without tea.

~The Drunken Concubine of The Tea House of the White Tiger~

~ The Eight Immortals Cross the Sea~

You are Form 5, Dragon: The Weaver. "And The Dragon seperated the virtuous from
the sinful. He tore his eyes from his sockets
and used them to peer into the souls of those
on trial to make a judgement. He knew that
with endless knowledge came endless
Some examples of the Dragon Form are Athena
(Greek), St. Peter (Christian), and Surya
(Indian). The Dragon is associated with the concept of
intelligence, the number 5, and the element of
wood. His sign is the crescent moon. As a member of Form 5, you are an intelligent and
wise individual. You weigh options by looking
at how logical they are and you know that while
there may not always be a right or wrong
choice, there is always a logical one. People
may say you are too indecisive, but it's only
because you want to do what's right. Dragons
are the best friends to have because they're
willing to learn.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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She is known as the Swift One, due to her immediate response to those who request her aid. Furthermore she is known as the great liberator, specializing in overcoming obstacles in whatever form they manifest in our lives. No deity in the Buddhist pantheon is more popular than Tara. She is especially known for her power to overcome the most difficult situations, giving protection against dangers and all kinds of fear

The night took its throne as the day fell before it, humbled and forgotten as any beggar with a rice bowl. It would never be repeated and would never be unique for when the sun arose again upon the blooded afterbirth of dawn; the nature of man would simply duplicate another.

It was the way of all words and the fears that yesterday held would seed within its infant furrows, those born to the gutter would roll in its defecations while those born to the Celestial Court would raise their ramparts ever higher. But here swaddled in this night it seemed the two worlds would for at least a few hours dwell within each others orbits.

My Master had bidden his will and I, Lei Ni-Chang, the Scribe would write its outcome upon eternity, I did not question the impulse for such an act for I had seen within His heart all the yin and yang that flesh could yield. And the merit of this excursion weighed no less then the duty of the Court.

I had sat beside His childhood like a heron the Koi pond, the cool gaze of my eye drinking in each movement His soul betrayed upon the perfect majesty of his young face. His mood could be as thin and delicate as the koi’s fins, His displeasure as blistering as Longs Fire.

And I wondered if the tiles of the pond could hold such a will when the Koi became the Celestial Dragon. As time had made the Prince my equal in wisdom it had made me humbly and gratefully his lesser in worth and freed me from confusions shadows.

And so it was that with this night’s darkness a similar shadow now invaded the pride of my thoughts. For why would one so high above those that knew life to but serve his will wish now to travel among that which was vulgar and uncultured as the world that lay beyond the Forbidden City? What could such lives hold to interest My Grace, what longing drove him to such company?

It was a question I , Lei Ni-Chang did not have the wisdom for all the platinum of my hair to answer, so I accepted its uneasy query and had made ready the streets for his entrance. Now I simply prepared my body for the baptism of unease such a journey would engender.

Ling-Ling moved her fine and fragile arms with the grace for which I had chosen her, binding with silken ribbons the sleeves of my robe tightly around my delicate wrist so that no trace of the City would find place upon my skin.

Long fluted pants kissed gently my ankles as again the bindings at my ankles were made tight before white silken slippers were fitted. I would move among the peasants like the Ghost of Tradition I had become, staying but four inches below my Masters hovering litter at all times, though I would allow no drawing of my own litters curtains in such an atmosphere.

“There is no sound from the Streets Mistress. No noodle bells ring in the night…”Ling-Ling raised her bald head to meet the chill of my eyes and the fear she held was given relief.

“Hai...for tonight a Dragon and his Ghost drift among them...” I moved gently toward the circular door of my chambers” but do not entertain foolish superstition child it only serves the ignorant. I have written silence upon their lips and bars upon their doors”

In the early hours of the afternoon paper banners and cryers had bombarded the narrow streets with orders that all weddings, fuernals, meetings, business or pleasure would be cancelled for the night or the lives of those holding same forfeit. The seal of The White Haired Scribe born in the image of White Tiger upon each or the robes of my service upon their backs.

“Hai”bowing the girl returned to the small room in which the alter she would serve until my return awaited her in its mist of joss

Chinese Poem from the Tea House of the White Tiger

With contented sounds deer call to deer, Eating the celery of the fields. Here in my house I have admirable guests; The lutes are struck, and the organ is blown for them; The organ is blown till its tongues are all moving. Baskets of offerings are presented to them. The men love me, and will show me the perfect path.

With contented sounds deer call to deer, Eating the southernwood of the fields. Here in my house I have admirable guests, Whose virtuous fame is shiningly clear. They show the people not to be mean; The officers have in them a pattern and model. I have good wine. My admirable guests drink it, enjoying themselves.

With pleased sounds the deer call to one another, Eating the vegetables in the fields. I have here admirable guests, For whom are struck the lutes, large and small. The lutes, large and small, are struck, And our harmonious joy lives on and on. I have good wine, to feast and make glad the hearts of my admirable guests.

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