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Em Hotep !
( Welcome ! )

I am Menefertaten Hatshepsut.

I am sister to KhenumRa ( Hatey'A ne Waset ), SenibRe , Satra , and Geb ( Overseer of the Hatshepsut Stud), as well as the eldest daughter of my justified parents, Sebet and Nebamun.

In public, I am a rich, spoiled Nebet, prone to wearing much makeup and jewelry, wise in the ways of the Court. I can be lazy, selfish and pout very well. I adore my brothers and sister, and would do most anything for them.Almost.Well,maybe almost.
But in private, I am a serious fighter and my skills are many; I can take to hand any weapon, be it sword, khopesh, spear, or bow . I live by the Code of the Warrior, and all the Gods help the person who would try to harm me or mine.
And with this responsibility, I am also a Shadow- known as The First- the secret eyes and ears of my brother, KRa- and in turn, also of my Goddess,
She of the Sedge and Bee, Lioness of the Two Lands, Beloved of Nut, Niswt Nesnut MaatibRe.

(*Di Ankh Ra Mi Djet!)

* May She be given Life,like Ra, Eternally!

Rest well, serving Aset in the West, Beloved Sister

My Novels:

The Children of God's Body - Out of Print
The Forgotten Realms - Out of Print
Zone : History
Zone : Fantasy
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies

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Jamie Fitzpatrick
Erich Michael Braeden
Wyatt Earp
Valjean Michel DAlembert
Morgana Starr
Zaekim Sanburd
Nesnut Hatshepsut
Satra Hatshepsut
Fanny Fae

My Favorite Reads:

Vices and Virtues - Out of Print

My Pandas:

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